10 sweetest, thoughtful gifts of the day that beat a box of candy



Whether you’ve been married for decades or recently fallen head over heels in love with a new person, there’s never a bad time to show them that you love them. And while it’s always the idea that counts, you can do a lot better than a generic heart-shaped box of chocolates or a bouquet of ready-to-wilt flowers. On the sweetest day (which falls on October 16 this year), show your affection with a variety of delicious gifts that are sure to delight everyone’s sweet tooth and fill them with all the spongy feelings and emoticons of the heart.

From decadent white chocolate to sip (which comes with its own adorable mini whisk) and delicate passion fruit macaroons to a monthly cocktail subscription and virtual cooking classes for two that bring date nights straight to your doorstep. kitchen, there is a perfectly thought out and romantic Sweetest Day gift for everyone. Below, find 10 of the best treats to give that special someone in your life.

Organic chocolates in small quantities

Raaka Small Lot Organic Chocolates Library Gift Box

Raaka chocolates are dairy, soy or gluten free and are Kosher certified, so whatever your gift’s dietary needs are, this is the chocolate for it. While they are “free” of so many ingredients, these chocolates are also delicious, flavored with everything from cask aged bourbon and maple to pink sea salt.

A cake inspired by autumn

Sweetest Day is coming this fall, so what better way to celebrate than with a cake inspired by one of the season’s tastiest treats: apple cider donuts? Adorned with apple cider jam, creamy frosting and miniature donuts, this cake tastes of a trip to the apple orchard, but even sweeter. It is available in 6 inch and 10 inch sizes.

Biscuits worthy of envy

Big, gooey, decadent cookies are the path to the hearts of every loved one. These beautifully wrapped, made-to-order boxes (which include 4, 8, or 12 cookies) include the best classic cookie combos: chocolate chip nuts, dark chocolate chips, dark chocolate peanut butter chips, and oatmeal raisins .

A craft cocktail subscription

Bring a date night to your doorstep with these cocktail subscription boxes. Portioned and packaged like a meal kit, each box includes everything you need to measure, mix and garnish delicious, bar-quality cocktails at home (just add the alcohol). Choose from an ongoing monthly subscription or prepay for three, six or twelve months of libations.

World-inspired truffles

When it comes to expressing your heart through chocolate, it’s hard to beat truffles. This 32-piece set includes dark chocolate truffles infused with unexpected ingredients like guajillo peppers, star anise, black sesame seeds and wild Tuscan fennel pollen. And an accompanying booklet describing each chocolate for a better orientation of the taste buds. Packaged in a signature Vosges purple box and tied with a satin bow, these truffles make an elegant and truly delicious gift.

Classic Parisian macarons

This famous Parisian pastry shop dates back to 1862 and is credited with creating macaroons with almonds, jams or meringues filled with cream. Treat your other half with this 24-piece set that includes macaroons flavored with flavorful ingredients like blackcurrant, rose, chocolate, passion fruit and pistachio.

A monthly Blooms subscription

Regularly remind your loved one that you love them with a monthly subscription to Bouqs flowers. The company’s green approach and vibrant, seasonal floral designs set them apart from other standard flower delivery companies. And their direct on-farm supply ensures the flowers are super fresh and will bloom for longer.

Decadent Goat’s Milk Caramels

Made by a team of husband and wife Vermonters from their own farm’s milk, these goat’s milk toffees are deliciously decadent. Their 20-piece collection includes vanilla, maple, brown butter, cider honey flavored caramels and more, packaged in a heart-covered box with a sparkling silver-stamped illustration of one. goats from the farm.

Private (virtual) cooking class

Celebrate the sweetest day with your SO by taking a private virtual cooking class together. Pick your 2.5-hour course – Vietnamese shrimp and pho dumplings, Italian pesto and focaccia, Turkish bourekas and baklava and many more – roll up your sleeves, toast and cook. Your teacher joins you via a video call, guiding you as you chop and sizzle to a romantic dinner.

Delicious drinking chocolate

Snuggle up in front of the fire with steaming cups of rich white drinking chocolate from LA Burdick. The chocolate mixture contains 36% cocoa butter for extra creaminess and is flavored with vanilla bean. Each 12-ounce packet comes with a miniature whisk for a cute touch that’s also functional.



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