Loan to sell the house

Do you need money now? You may have put your apartment up for sale, but the buyer is reluctant to appear and you need the money urgently. In Harlan's Chocolate Loans we have the perfect solution if that is your case, since we advance you the money you need while you sell your property with peace of mind and at the right price. You will not pay any fees or any advance expenses, you can use your property as collateral and you will not have to return the money until the sale is completed and you have the money available to pay off our loan to sell a home. In addition, we have real estate specialists, so we take care of selling your property in the conditions that best benefit you to make things even more comfortable and that you do not have to worry about anything.

Why ask for a loan to sell your home ?

Most of the time a property goes up for sale it is because its owner urgently needs the money he hopes to get from getting rid of the house. Faced with this situation, Harlan's Chocolate Loans has the solution. This loan to sell a home is designed for those people who are in an open buying process and, at the same time, urgently need the money without having to wait for the property to be sold. From Harlan's Chocolate Loans we will assume the responsibility of selling your property so that you can not worry since, on many occasions, the rush to sell to get the money creates a need to sell the property in a hurry and, probably at low cost, but you will avoid the unfair prices and you can get a fair value for the property you have for sale.

Your loan in 4 easy steps

  • 1. When you apply for the loan to sell your home , we will assign you to one of our specialized managers, who will contact you in less than 24 hours to offer you personalized advice tailored to each person, so that you can always have all the information so that you can make a clear and safe decision.

  • 2. Once your application is approved, from Harlan's Chocolate Loans we will take care of managing the sale of the property , so that you do not see yourself in the urgency of having to sell it out because you need urgent money.

  • 3. Once we have all the documentation and your loan has been approved, we will process it before a notary public to guarantee total transparency and make the loan effective without further delay.

  • 4. When you receive the requested money, you will not have to pay any fees or advance expenses . You only have to pay the loan amount while you sell when the sale has been made and you have the money to return it.

At Harlan's Chocolate Loans they lent me the money I needed quickly and transparently while I was trying to sell my apartment. In a few months I found a buyer who paid me the right price and I was able to repay the loan without problems.
Victor Torrejón , IT

What documentation do you need for the loan while you sell?

When the approval of your loan application has been made while you sell, we will need the deed of the house for sale or the simple copy and the ID of the owners who have ownership.