30 Mezcals Every Tequila Lover Must Try


Typically, we start by recommending a super-accessible first mezcal to try, but thanks to alphabetical order, we start with one of the most unique offerings of them all. Bosscal Mezcal is a line in collaboration with Wolf Spirit Distilling in Eugene, Oregon and a family distillery in Durango, Mexico. Bosscal Pechuga de Conjeo is a sour, smoky mezcal that has an extra step to its distillation process. Most mezcals are double distilled, but Bosscal does it triple. During the third distillation, the vapors of the alcohol pass through a suspended, hairless rabbit breast (“conejo” is Spanish for rabbit while “pechuga” translates to breast meat). The heat kills the bacteria in the raw meat, but the animal’s fat and juices are infused into the mezcal and add a memorable flavor.

When it comes to mezcals, it’s not uncommon for brands to experiment with the pechuga style of distillation. However, for a novice, it may seem a bit exotic. The final product is slightly fruity, mostly with citrus notes that stand out. It is a limited edition product from the brand, as it is distilled with local apples which have a short harvest window. It’s also around $100 a bottle, so it can be a bit of a splurge. If you can’t get your hands on it, Bosscal has also been distilling a mezcal joven (aka “young” in Spanish) since 2015, it’s a great alternative.


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