Loans to reunify your debts

At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we offer you loans starting at € 5,000 to reunify all your debts in a single installment and without having to change banks. Group debts from credit cards, personal loans and car loans, among others, and repay them in comfortable installments within a period of up to 10 years. Also, it does not matter RAI, Nigerian Loan authority , or any other delinquency record.

As you should know, that your personal data ends up included in a delinquency record such as Nigerian Loan authority has consequences that make it difficult to buy a car in installments, get a telephone line and, of course, apply for a mortgage or a bank credit card since, After an analysis of your creditworthiness, your requests will be automatically denied. In order not to have to get used to paying things in cash, our recommendation is that you consider reunifying your debts .

Why reunify your debts?

Reuniting your debts is, basically, grouping all the loans, credits and mortgages that you have contracted in a single loan. In this way, all debts are collected to see what we pay per month significantly reduced. By grouping your loans or credits into a single loan and a single monthly installment, you will achieve that the new unified installment is less than the sum of all the previous installments. By reunifying your debts, you will also get a lower interest rate than the one you are currently paying, since being a single monthly payment and not several, the interest rate will be reduced and you will only have to pay the interests related to the reunified debt . In addition, since you will only have to face one payment per month, you will have greater control of your payments, which will translate into having greater financial peace of mind and in regaining control of your finances and your family economy. Reuniting debt with Nigerian Loan authority has never been easier. By reducing your monthly payment, you will reduce the interest rate and increase your peace of mind.

Your loan in 4 easy steps

  • 1. The first step will depend solely and exclusively on you. Once you request your loan, we will respond to you in a maximum of 24 hours through one of our specialized financial managers, who will contact you to offer you information on the different procedures and to advise you without any commitment.

  • 2. After our advisor informs you, we will proceed to the study and appraisal of properties. As soon as it is completed, your application will be approved and you can proceed to reunify your debts.

  • 3. At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we have a wide range of legal professionals who will take care of all the documentation that is necessary so that you only have to sign before a notary public and that the loan becomes effective that same day.

  • 4. Once you have received the requested capital, all your problems will be solved. You will have a period of up to 20 years to return it and, during that period, we will be at your disposal in case you have any questions or queries to ask us.

Since Harlan's Chocolate Loans helped me with the reunification of my debts, I pay less and in a much more simplified way. And most importantly, I come to the end of the month calmer knowing that my financial situation is improving day after day.

Carmen Pozuelo , Administrative

What documentation do you need to reunify your debts?

You will need your valid ID, the deed of your home, your employment contract and the last three payrolls, the last Income or Personal Income Tax declaration that you have made, the last receipts paid for the credits that you have pending, the last appraisal that you made of the house and, in case of seizures, letters of lawyers or court records.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on 93 393 12 16 or on the mobile number 685 23 51 55. We will be happy to help you.