Loans to pay liens

Prevent the seizure of your property

Recent periods of economic recession have led many families to accumulate debt that they cannot cope with. Sometimes it can be particularly difficult to get out of this situation without financial support, which can lead to the loss of the properties you own.

At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we help you pay the debt that led to the seizure order for you to keep your property, whether it be Social Security, pending taxes with the town hall or overdue debts with suppliers. For this we offer you loans from € 5,000 to be repaid in comfortable installments. In addition, we take care of negotiating your embargo so you don't have to worry about anything. The financing we offer you is designed for those people who are going through a difficult economic situation. Requesting your loan for cancellation of embargo you can prevent it with flexible conditions and with a particular loan adapted to your needs.

Why take out a loan to avoid garnishment ?

By applying for a loan with Harlan's Chocolate Loans you will get, quickly and comfortably, the necessary liquidity to face your debts and be able to pay them , preventing the seizure of your properties and preventing your assets from being negatively affected . Canceling your debts is important to be able to have the peace of mind of knowing that your assets will continue to be kept in your name and that you will not have to get rid of your assets to be able to pay the debts that you have outstanding.

Join the rest of the clients who have asked us for help to be able to paralyze their liens and end your money problems effectively. You can contact us through the form or by calling us at 93 393 12 16 or 685 23 51 55.

Your loan in 4 easy steps

  • 1. As you can see, the steps to follow to get a loan to cancel liens are very simple. As soon as you request the loan, we will associate you with a financial advisor who will contact you in less than 24 hours and who will accompany you during the process to solve all the doubts that may arise during it.

  • 2. From there, a study of the origin and monetary amount of the problem will be carried out and we will contact you to confirm that your loan has been approved.

  • 3. As the law dictates and, in order to make the loan effective, you will have to go to its signature before the notary. You will not have to worry about anything other than signing, since our technicians will take charge of speeding up all the procedures that are required.

  • 4. As soon as you have the money corresponding to the requested loan, you will be able to cancel all the debts contracted and not worry about the embargo.

A difficult financial situation made me almost lose my home. Luckily Harlan's Chocolate Loans trusted me and lent me enough money to avoid the embargo. Now I feel safe, I pay my debts and I continue to enjoy my home.

Sandra Romeu , Social Worker

What documentation do I need to cancel the garnishment?

The documents that confirm the seizure process will be necessary, in addition to all the payment receipts and contracts made that gave rise to the debt contracted. If said debt has been acquired through the IBI, the payment letter from the tax entity will be required.