6 ways to get extra cash now that stimulus checks are over


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There are still ways to fill your bank account even without more money coming from DC

During the coronavirus pandemic, lawmakers have provided stimulus funds to help struggling Americans. This money has made a big difference in the lives of many people, helping them pay off debts or saving money for emergencies.

Unfortunately, the chances of a fourth raise test are not very high. Without that money from the government, you may be worried about filling the gaps in your budget that stimulus checks have helped you cover over the past year.

The good news is that you can have plenty of other options for getting extra cash. Here are six.

1. Look for a new job

As the economy reopens and demand increases, many businesses are hiring workers. Some are even paying signing bonuses and offering higher salaries than before the pandemic. If you haven’t looked around for available job opportunities in a while, it may be possible to change careers and increase your income in the process.

Plus, getting a new, better-paying job could be much better for your finances than a fourth stimulus check, because your higher salary should keep coming indefinitely.

2. Ask for a raise

If you don’t want to change employers, consider asking your current company for a raise, especially if you haven’t had one in a while.

Because it’s hard for many employers to find workers right now, your company might not want to lose you and just decide to give you a raise. Again, this could be far more valuable than a one-time stimulus check.

3. Consider secondary agitation

If you can’t increase your income by getting a new job or more money from a current employer, consider taking a side job for a few hours a week.

There are plenty of opportunities to find flexible work that you can do on your own schedule, often from the comfort of your own home. The reliable, steady extra money from a second job could be used to meet financial goals or make sure your expenses don’t exceed your income.

4. Work overtime

Your current employer may also allow you to work overtime for overtime, especially if they are having trouble hiring.

A major benefit of overtime is that you are usually paid at time and a half. This means you will have more money both because you work more hours and because you get paid more for doing it.

5. Check out other government benefits

Although stimulus checks may be over, there are plenty of other perks available for those who need them.

Some states are providing additional support for those financially damaged by the coronavirus pandemic, and there are also standard benefits permanently available to those who qualify, such as Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

6. Sell useless items

Finally, if you have unused items in your house, you could possibly sell them to earn some extra money now that the stimulus checks are done.

While this probably won’t provide a steady stream of income like some of the other suggestions on this list, it could give you the money you need to fill an emergency savings account or meet unexpected costs during difficult times.

While it may be disappointing that another stimulus check probably won’t come, most people can find ways to bring in some extra cash. Consider trying some of these tips to see if you qualify.

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