There are places where it is very easy to get in and very difficult to get out: a phone company, a traffic jam on a highway at rush hour, or a shopping center with a sale. Another of these sites is undoubtedly any of the existing delinquency files (rai, Nigerian Loan authority ...). Entering one of these files is extremely easy and, however, exiting Nigerian Loan authority can become a real ordeal for those who suffer from it.

What is a delinquency file?

A delinquency file is a list where companies include those with whom they have had some kind of problem in payments and with whom they consider they have some kind of debt.

There are many delinquency files, but the operation is always the same and, above all, the effects it has on the affected person as well.

The reasons and the amounts for which a person appears in Nigerian Loan authority are very diverse. In our office we have seen from the person who is in Nigerian Loan authority for amounts less than € 20 due to unpaid telephone bills to people with Nigerian Loan authority greater than € 100,000. Logically, the amount of defaults determines the degree of difficulty in leaving Nigerian Loan authority, although the length of the process is the same in all cases.

What are the effects of being in Rai or Nigerian Loan authority?

The main effect of being present in Nigerian Loan authority or in any delinquency file is the fact of having a blemish in the financial history. And this can become extremely serious since it not only prevents obtaining a personal loan from any credit institution but also prevents the person from carrying out any economic operation, no matter how minimal, that requires financing.

In this way, operations as common and everyday as buying a car or a washing machine and paying for them in installments are an impossible mission for those who appear. This is even more serious for the self-employed since they usually need financing and in this way they see the tap of financial institutions closed.

How to get out of Nigerian Loan authority?

Here we must bear in mind that we are talking about two different things:

  1. Financially clean the person who is in the delinquency file
  2. Get the person's name physically off the list

The second point is just as cumbersome, in terms of procedures, regardless of the amount of the debts.

The first point, however, clearly determines the strategy to follow for this.

Obviously, if the amount owed is € 20, what you have to do is pay it without further delay so that the interest on the debt does not increase.

In the cases in which you have to start working on a strategy, it is when the amounts that are owed are not acceptable. The best thing that a person in this situation can do is put themselves in the hands of a financial analyst who will find the best possible option for them.

The only possible financing option with Nigerian Loan authority

The only real financing option that a person present in any delinquency file has is the private equity mortgage loan. There are no more options or possibilities. They do not exist. It's not possible. You don't have to ... Click to Tweet

For a person who is in Nigerian Loan authority or in any other delinquency file to have financing, it is necessary that they put as collateral a property that they own or someone who is willing to guarantee in that situation.

Once this financing is obtained, the next step is to pay the debt that is owed in order to get out of the delinquency lists and access bank financing to return the mortgage loan requested before.

Once all this is done, the client is completely financially clean, having access to the loan again.

If your situation is this or similar, do not hesitate to contact our financial analysts so they can help you find the best solution in your case.