Debt reunification through a home equity loan is the best option to get out of difficult economic situations in which there is a financial strangulation.

There are many stages we go through throughout our lives, on a personal, sentimental, family and professional level. The same is true economically.

Identify a complicated situation in time

We constantly go through good and bad streaks, ups and downs, and it is precisely the ability to manage these “streaks” that makes the difference between being conserved and even increasing our assets or losing it forever. It is possible that some of you, due to a bad personal situation, a dismissal, the bankruptcy of a business ... at a certain moment you have resorted to a personal loan or credit card to try to get out of the pothole.

The problem comes when faced with the difficulty of repaying this first personal loan or credit card, you resort to a second personal loan or credit card to be able to refinance it. It is from this moment when the ball gets bigger and bigger ; installments are growing and interest rates skyrocket until the drowning point is reached, that moment in which with existing income it is impossible to pay the installments.

The rest is well known: the unpaid fees and the inclusion in delinquency files arrive; consequently, credit institutions and
Banks turn off the tap and, therefore, an uncertain path of claims, lawsuits and liens begins that can only end in the most absolute of disasters.

Complicated situations have a solution: debt reunification

It is important that you know that this situation has a solution. The solution is a mortgage loan to group your debts . It is about using a property as collateral - either your property or that of someone who can guarantee you - so that you can comfortably face the payment of installments and regain access to credit.

Advantages of debt reunification

In our office we provide solutions practically daily to these types of financial problems that our clients present to us. Experience tells us that the mortgage loan is the best solution in these cases for the following reasons:

  1. It is possible to make a loan of this type being present in RAI, Nigerian Loan authority or any other delinquency file; which is not the case with personal loans.
  2. It is possible to extend the terms up to ten years so that you gain peace of mind.
  3. The resulting interest rate will be lower than that of a personal loan and, of course, that of credit cards.
  4. The monthly fee to be paid will be much less than the sum of all the fees that were being paid before reunification. Sometimes this decrease in fees reaches 50%.

But the most important reason of all to do a debt reunification is to restore peace of mind to your personal finances.

We guide you in the process to reunify your debts

Once the decision to solve your problems has been made, the only thing left to do is get down to work. The process is easy and simple, especially if you put yourself in the hands of professionals with experience in the field . At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we will do a free, non-binding study of your situation and we will guide you step by step so that all the necessary procedures do not pose a problem for you.

The process to follow is as follows:

  1. In the first place, it is essential to be clear about the amount that is owed and to which entities or people it is owed . For this, it will be necessary to request a “pending debt certificate” for each loan or credit card.
  2. Get in touch with our financial analysts and request a free, no-obligation study on your debt reunification
  3. Our financial analysts will get to work on your case to present you with the best possible option. Remember that at Harlan's Chocolate Loans we are the entity that directly lends the money, without intermediaries , so the cost of the operation will always be lower.
  4. In an approximate period of one week we may be signing the operation before a notary of the area where you live and at that moment you will be able to have the money. If you wish, we can directly contact the companies to which the debt must be settled and take care of everything.

We have experience in debt reunification

Many clients have trusted Harlan's Chocolate Loans to carry out a debt reunification and find the definitive solution to their financing problems:

Harlan's Chocolate Loans helped me with my debt reunification. Now I pay less and in a much more simplified way. And most importantly, I come to the end of the month calmer knowing that my financial situation is improving day after day - Carmen Pozuelo

If you find yourself in this delicate financial situation, don't think twice: do as Carmen and look for a feasible and quick solution to your problems with PideTuCrédito. Contact us without obligation and our financial analysts will do a free study for you.