Inheritance loans

You can pay taxes and accept the inheritance

At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we advance you the money necessary to pay the taxes that allow you to accept your inheritance . You can use the property that you will receive as an inheritance as collateral for the loan and without having to change banks. In addition, we advise you free and personalized on tax aspects.

Losing a loved one is always one of the hardest processes we have to face. The complexity of the bureaucratic procedures that accompany our loss do not make grief a more bearable situation. These procedures are final if, as heir, you want to accept your inheritance .

The acceptance of the inheritance entails the payment of taxes whose amount, sometimes, can be so high that many people are unable to face them with the liquid they have and, to top it all, you will only have a maximum period of six months after the death to pay inheritance taxes .

At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we are experts in offering liquidity solutions through mortgage loans and, as such, we want to help you solve all the expenses involved in this transfer of property and the best way to do it is by granting a loan for pay taxes and accept your inheritance . That way you can forget about additional worries in moments of grief.

Why ask for a loan to accept your inheritance ?

At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we are specialists in loans with mortgage guarantee , one of the best solutions when it comes to facing the payment of the Inheritance Tax of real estate and other capital that derives from the acceptance of your inheritance. Using your home or the property to be inherited as collateral, you will be able to have a loan of a percentage of its value with which you will be able to meet the expenses of the inheritance . In addition, if the property that you decide to use as a credit guarantee is the place where you live, you can continue to inhabit it or rent it .

By asking for a loan to pay taxes and accept your inheritance, you will have the security of being able to receive what is yours by law , without being forced to give up what belongs to you because you do not have the money to pay taxes and avoiding possible problems with other heirs, if any.

Your loan in 4 easy steps

  • 1. When you apply for the loan to accept your inheritance, we will assign you to one of our specialized managers, who will contact you in less than 24 hours to inform you of the procedure and advise you without any commitment. You can request your loan to pay taxes and accept your inheritance through the form or you can contact us on the phone number 93 393 12 16 or mobile 685 23 51 55.

  • 2. From Harlan's Chocolate Loans we are aware that these are difficult times and that, therefore, you will need a response as quickly as possible, so we will approve your loan quickly.

  • 3. Once we have all the documentation and your loan has been approved, we will process it before a notary so that the loan is effective without further delay.

  • 4. Once you receive the requested money, you will have up to 20 years to return it while you enjoy your inheritance.

At the time I was scared because I did not have enough money to pay the inheritance taxes of a relative. Luckily Harlan's Chocolate Loans helped me by lending me money and I was able to collect it with complete peace of mind.

Carlos Torres , Commercial