Business loans

At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we are committed to ambitious people and entrepreneurs, so we want to be with you at the most important moment of your life and we are willing to help you finance the dream of having your own business . Thanks to our loans you can create your project from scratch, take advantage of the transfer of one that is already in operation or make that investment that you have been thinking about for a long time. The decision to start a business cannot be taken lightly, especially if you have a successful business idea in mind. The most logical thing is that, after deciding to start a business, you spend long hours making plans and, above all, numbers to know the capital you have and what is the viability of your idea. Many people are discouraged when they see that the accounts do not come out, but, as we know that the beginnings can be difficult, we offer you loans from € 5,000 to be repaid in comfortable, easily affordable installments for your new business.

Get financing for your business

Entrepreneurs and, especially, new entrepreneurs face endless risks such as competition from the market they enter, but they will also find rewards and goals to achieve , especially if you have enough motivation to undertake your business. Once you overcome the barriers that prevented you from facing the challenge of entrepreneurship, we will make the necessary financing available to you so that you can open your business and watch it grow. In addition, at Harlan's Chocolate Loans we are aware of the difficulty of new business plans being taken seriously, so we guarantee that our loans do not have such restrictive requirements as those of any bank, something that would facilitate obtaining your liquid to be able to start your business as soon as possible .

Your loan in 4 easy steps

  • 1. After applying for the entrepreneur loan that we have in mind for you, we will respond to you within a maximum of 24 hours through one of our specialized financial managers, who will offer you all the most relevant information about the different procedures and will advise you without any kind of compromise.

  • 2. The study of your business project will be the step that will happen to the loan application to start your business. As soon as it is complete, your application will be approved and you can proceed to make plans.

  • 3. At Harlan's Chocolate Loans we have a wide range of legal professionals who will take care of all the necessary documentation that you send them, so that you only have to sign before a notary public and that the loan is paid that same day.

  • 4. Once you have received the requested capital, all your headaches will be solved and you will be able to dedicate yourself completely to your business.

I despaired every time I went to the bank and they denied me the loan. Luckily, Harlan's Chocolate Loans trusted me and gave me enough money to open my business. Now I am my own boss and I work for myself.

Francisco Gómez , Entrepreneur

What documentation do you need to start your business?

When applying for one of the loans for entrepreneurs that we have at Harlan's Chocolate Loans, you will need to prepare documents such as the business plan that you plan to start up as an entrepreneur, the budgets of what you want to acquire in order to start the project, your last statement of Finance, self-employment registration or incorporation as a company and proof of payment to Social Security.