Renovation loans

We all dream of our ideal house, that house that appears in decorating magazines and that seems completely difficult to reach. While it is true that comprehensive reforms are not cheap, it is becoming easier to find a house with all the luxury of comforts. And even more if you take into account that at Harlan's Chocolate Loans we lend you the money you need to reform your property . If the bank asks you for complicated requirements and denies you that loan you need, we are delighted to grant it to you so that you can finally make that reform you want so much. And since a reform is an exhausting process by itself, we remind you that you can repay the loan in comfortable installments .

Why ask for a mortgage loan to reform your property ?

If you are thinking of selling a property that you own, it is possible that you are considering reforming the home before putting it up for sale , especially if you have done a market study to compare the prices of the apartments close to that of your property and the conditions in which they are, where the difference in prices between renovated homes and those that are to be renovated will be most noticeable. Simple things such as remodeling the living room or renovating the kitchen or bathrooms can have a significant impact when it comes to revaluing your property , making the perceived value of potential buyers increase and they are more attracted to value the purchase.

In addition, if you are considering reforming your property, but not for sale purposes but because it is the place where you have established your address, we invite you to bear in mind that your home is your most personal space and, possibly, the time where you spend the most time. passes. Therefore, it should be tailored to your personal tastes and needs, so that you feel 100% comfortable in the place where you live and that you call home.

Your loan in 4 easy steps

  • 1. When you apply for the loan to reform your property, we will assign you to one of our specialized managers, who will contact you in less than 24 hours to offer you advice.

  • 2. From Harlan's Chocolate Loans we are aware that the place where you live should be where you feel most comfortable, so we will not delay the response on your acceptance of the loan for reforms in time.

  • 3. Once your loan has been approved, we will process it before a notary so that the loan is effective immediately.

  • 4. When you receive the requested money, you will have up to 20 years to return it while you enjoy all the comforts of your new home.

Do not let the improvement you have in mind for your home become impossible and take advantage of our loans for reforms . The house of your dreams can come true if you contact Harlan's Chocolate Loans through the form or on our contact numbers (93 393 12 16 - 685 23 51 55). In addition, we remind you that you can return the money granted to reform your property in comfortable installments that do not stifle your family finances.

We are pleased to recommend that if you decide to reform your apartment or house, use REFORMAS ILURO , it is a renovation company located in Lagos (Lagos). If you tell them that you come from PideTuCredito they will give you a guaranteed discount!

In Harlan's Chocolate Loans they granted me the money that the bank did not want to give me to reform my apartment. Now I enjoy new kitchens and bathrooms and I know that my home is worth much more than before.

Alberto Guzmán , Retired