Alberta joins legal challenge against plastics legislation


Alberta will challenge federal legislation that labels all plastic manufactured items as a “toxic substance” under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

Premier Jason Kenney said Thursday that the province’s attorney general has filed a notice with the Federal Court of Canada saying Alberta will make submissions in a case arguing the label is unconstitutional.

“The time has come once again for Alberta to exercise its authority within confederation to stand up and defend our interests,” Kenney said, adding that the provincial government has never taken the issue lightly. decision to appeal to the courts on constitutional issues.

“It has always been a tool of last resort, but one we have used effectively in the past when Alberta’s interests were compromised.”

Kenney says the listing presents a “serious threat” to Alberta’s economic interests.

“We have the largest petrochemical sector in Canada and we are on the verge of a major expansion, with $18 billion in new low-emission petrochemical projects announced in the province.

“The future energy transition can only happen with a greater reliance on lightweight plastic products, which are an integral part of our daily lives.

“The federal decision to list perfectly safe plastic consumer products as ‘toxic substances’ is a huge excess and could shake investor confidence in the petrochemical sector that employs tens of thousands of Canadians.”

The case in which the province is intervening was brought in Federal Court by the Responsible Plastic Use Coalition, Dow Chemical, Imperial Oil and Nova Chemicals.


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