AP&FW Department Kashmir sends 4th shipment of Kashmiri vegetables to Dubai



While pursuing the ministry’s vision to introduce and promote Kashmir-based vegetables, spices and other agricultural products on the global marketing platform so that farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to UT of J&K can play a role and explore new horizons in the global agricultural economy, the Kashmir Ministry of Agriculture, together with an international marketing group, LuLu, sent the fourth shipment of vegetables, d spices and cereals specific to Kashmir.

The shipment includes kale, turnip, carrot, radish, broccoli, lotus root and saffron labeled IG in Sharjah Dubai.

Regarding today’s initiative, Director Chowdhary Mohammad Iqbal said the Kashmir Ministry of Agriculture, under the supervision of AP & FWD Principal Secretary Navin Kumar Chowdhary, is working on an ambitious long-term plan to strengthen the agricultural sector at J&K and a number of initiatives, including an integrated agricultural approach, diversification of agriculture, organic cultivation mode, introduction of new marketing channels, memoranda of understanding with different parties stakeholders, electronic marketing of saffron at IIKSTC Dussoo, etc. have been concluded.

The ministry has already introduced Kashmir-specific vegetables and other agricultural products to various marketing platforms inside and outside J&K.

Previously, shipments of vegetables were also sent to the UAE from Srinagar International Airport and the entire grading, packaging and labeling operation was carried out under the strict supervision of the Kashmir Director of Agriculture. Relevantly, all global requirements for international trade in vegetables and other agricultural products have been taken into account when sending the shipment.

The Director of Agriculture said that regarding the recent initiative to send vegetables to UAE, it will open a new window for Kashmir-specific vegetables, agricultural products / agricultural products, spices to a new global marketing arena.

The co-director of agricultural extension, Shahid Iqbal, the pathologist Mr. Rafiq Kakroo, the marketing manager of Kashmir Shamsul Hassan Nodal as well as other senior officials of the department were also present on the occasion.



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