Bad Hombre Cannabis ™, Artisanal chocolate infused with THC



Fastest acting, highest bioavailability
Bad Hombre Cannabis is the first chocolate to be infused with THC using SōRSE ™ emulsion technology. The unique process guarantees the highest bioavailability and the fastest THC absorption rate of any chocolate product on the market.

Jorge Inda Meza, CMO of Tre Hold Co., talks about the company’s new brand. “We created Bad Hombre Cannabis to shatter stereotypes and open minds. LatinX, BIPOC and other minorities represent a bright, industrious and utterly positive future for this great nation. We are turning the term ‘Bad Hombre’ to celebrate our identity AND our honest pursuit of the American dream.

Sir. Inda meza continued, “The growing cannabis industry is expected to unlock its enormous potential for hard-working black and brown entrepreneurs. This will bring economic advancement and opportunity to these communities, and in turn improve the quality of life for everyone. I am committed to helping others less fortunate to get the same chance my partners and I have had to start businesses. “

“Each of the brands under the Tre HoldCo umbrella has its own unique personality,” said Tre HoldCo co-founder and CEO, Marco hoffmann. “We wanted to combine Jorge’s vision for Bad Hombre Cannabis with an exceptionally innovative product. This is not only a delicious artisan-style chocolate, but also a true first in the market thanks to its use of high bioavailability, quick-release technology. We couldn’t be more excited to launch this new type of edible THC in California. ”

Tre Hold Co took over the manufacture, sale and distribution of beverages from SōRSE / GML (Green Med Labs) Beverages in October 2020. According to Headset, Tre HoldCo is now the largest THC drink company in United States relative to total sales and number of products.

SKU, price and availability:
Bad Hombre Cannabis chocolate bars are available at approved dispensaries in Southern california. Feel good about sales in Long Beach, California. is responsible for wholesale distribution.

About Tre HoldCo
Tre HoldCo is a food and beverage company based in Seattle and Los Angeles. Tre HoldCo develops and produces a wide variety of cannabis infused sweets, including chocolates, mints, hard candies, beverages and wellness products. According to Tre HoldCo customer BDS / Headset, Evergreen Herbal is now the largest manufacturer of THC infused drinks in United States. Award-winning products included Blaze American Cola®, The 4.20Bar ™, the original Cannabis Quencher and a diverse portfolio aimed at a wide range of consumers. In California, a Tre HoldCo subsidiary The Homeric Co. produces the fast-acting Bad Hombre products, the first chocolate to be made using SōRSE ™ water-soluble emulsion technology for maximum bioavailability. Founded in 2013 and self-funded, Tre HoldCo was built from the bottom up by Marco hoffmann, Jackie Brassington and Andy Bassington.

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