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How to best organize spices

Want to order in your kitchen? If you’re currently looking for spices in your cupboard, spilling bottles, and looking for lost spices, a spice organizer is an easy way to stay organized and make cooking a snap.

Whether you keep your spices in your cabinet or display them on your counter, organizing your spices is essential for keeping a tidy kitchen. Determine what type of spice organizer is right for you and organize yourself to recoup your meal prep time.

Why should you buy a spice organizer

Searching for spices in a crowded cupboard is downright frustrating. Not only does this make cooking less enjoyable, it is also an inefficient use of time and lengthens meal preparation. A spice rack gives a clear place to each of your spices, allowing you to keep a uniform and organized collection of spices.

Clearly organizing and labeling your spices also means you’re less likely to lose track of what you have, meaning you won’t waste money on duplicate groceries. Plus, you won’t keep stale spices in the back of your cupboards, which will ensure that the foods you cook are well seasoned and fresh.

Types of spice organizers to consider

Countertop spice organizers

Countertop spice organizers store your spices prominently for easy access and decorative appeal. There are a number of countertop spice organizers to choose from, ranging from very functional to very decorative.

This bamboo spice organizer keeps all your spices organized and easy to access, and also looks great on the counter.

rectangular spice rack

This elegant rectangular spice rack is angled to clearly display all your spices. It contains 16 cube-shaped spice jars, designed to allow you to easily spoon or pinch spices.

spices in test tubes

If you don’t cook very often or use a lot of spices, try this neat little selection of spices in test tubes. This set has high visual appeal and contains premium spices.

Door Spice Organizers

hanging spice rack

Attach a hanging spice rack to the inside of a pantry door to store all your spices in one place and free up your cabinets or counter.

hanging spice rack that fits over the door

If you are a renter or don’t want to permanently hang a spice rack, select a hanging spice rack that fits over the door. These sturdy and versatile racks can also support the weight of olive oil and vinegar bottles.

spice tongs

For an economical alternative, use the space on the interior doors of your cabinets to hang spice tongs.

Cabinet caddy

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to organize your spices is to select a cabinet cart that fits inside your cabinet and stores your spices in plain view. There are several types of cabinet spice storage solutions to choose from.

U Shaped Spice Organizers

U-Shaped Spice Organizers are designed to nestle in the corners of your kitchen cabinet and add tiered storage space. This ensures that all the spices, even the ones in the very back of your cabinet, are clearly visible and easy to find.

lazy susan shopping cart

A lazy Susan cart spins to provide access to all the spices you need. Select a 2 tier lazy Susan to add another layer of storage, if your cabinet offers vertical space to accommodate it.

Wall mounted spice rack

Mount a hanging spice rack

Mount a hanging spice rack on your wall to display your spice collection and easily access all your spices.

floating white shelves

You can also use simple white floating shelves to store your spices. These versatile shelves aren’t traditionally used for storing spices, but they fit right into a modern kitchen and make a decidedly chic statement, especially when paired with spices in glass jars.

Magnetic spice jars

Magnetic spice jars stick to the side of your fridge to take advantage of often underused space and keep all of your spices close at hand.

hexagonal magnetic pots

This hexagonal magnetic jar set is modern and fun and comes with labels for easy identification.

These magnetic boxes

These magnetic boxes also come with labels and have a large storage capacity.

steel plate

Want to use magnetic spice storage, but don’t have a magnetic fridge? Mount a steel plate on the wall next to your stove for a stylish and efficient magnetic spice storage solution.

Label your spices

You might be tempted to skip this step, especially if you’re using glass bottles that let you see what’s inside. However, when you’re preparing a meal quickly, it’s easy to misjudge spices that look the same at a glance, like nutmeg and cinnamon.

Labeling your spices will take all the guesswork out of preparing your recipe and ensure that your spice collection looks consistent.


There are several ways to label your spices. If you store your spices in metal tins, you can just write the names on top with Sharpie. If you store your spices in glass jars, invest in a label maker to print custom labels.

Best Spice Organizers 2021

Top spice organizer

Kamenstein 20-jar swivel counter tower

Kamenstein 20-jar swivel counter tower

What would you like to know: This stainless steel spice rack comes with glass bottles filled with spices.

What you will love: It is designed to fit neatly into the tight corners of your counter and turn to make your spices easily identifiable and accessible. It comes with spice, as well as a manufacturer’s offer for five years of free spice refills.

What you should consider: Some users have reported receiving duplicate spices or not being impressed with the quality of the included spices.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top money spice organizer

15 Inch 3 Tier Non-Slip Copco Spice Organizer

15 Inch 3 Tier Non-Slip Copco Spice Organizer

What would you like to know: Keep your kitchen neat and tidy with this 3 tier spice rack.

What you will love: Step Spice Organizers are a simple solution to keeping all spice bottles visible. The non-slip pads on this organizer also prevent your bottles from tipping over.

What you should consider: This plastic organizer does not look as good as the metal and wood versions.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth to be considered

Simesove 3 tier bamboo spice rack

Simesove 3 tier bamboo spice rack

What would you like to know: Simesove offers an easy-to-assemble natural bamboo spice rack that can hold up to 30 bottles of spices.

What you will love: This modern and attractive spice organizer that looks great on a counter. Its closed design prevents your spices from absorbing too much sun, keeping them fresher for longer.

What you should consider: Unlike other comparably priced models, this spice rack does not come with glass bottles or spices.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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