Beyond Meat’s vegan steak is available in 5,000 stores. Here’s where to find it.


The Californian company Beyond Meat has just launched its brand new product: the vegan steak. The new plant-based Beyond Steak Seared Spikes are available at more than 5,000 stores, including Walmart and Kroger.

Beyond meat

While Beyond Meat is best known for its plant-based Beyond Burger, which replaces ground beef, the brand’s new product will take it into a new category of whole meat, advancing its mission to disrupt the global meat industry. the 1.4 trillion meat with plants. alternatives based on.

The new Beyond Steak is part of the company’s mission to rapidly innovate plant-based products to help consumers make choices that are better for animals, the environment and their health.

“Beyond Steak is a highly anticipated extension of our popular beef platform and we are proud to introduce this innovative product to consumers nationwide,” Dariush Ajami, chief innovation officer at Beyond Meat, said in a statement. “Beyond Steak delivers the taste and texture of sliced ​​steak in a way that’s better for people and the planet.”

Beyond Meat’s Vegan Steak

News of a vegan steak from Beyond Meat first came from CEO Ethan Brown, who spoke about the product during The Wall Street Journal World Food Forum in June. “It’s probably one of our best products to date,” he said at the time.

The new vegan steak is just one of Beyond Meat’s new plant-based innovations, as vegan popcorn chicken has also been spotted in stores. Further details of this launch are currently under wraps.

VegNews.Beyond Carne Asada SteakSoft Taco.TacoBellTaco Bell

Taco Bell fans will be delighted to know that Beyond Meat has created a bespoke vegan carne asada steak in partnership with the Mexican-inspired chain.

On October 13, Taco Bell began testing the Beyond Carne Asada at approximately 50 locations in the Dayton, OH area. Available while supplies last, the vegan steak is marinated with Taco Bell’s signature spices and can be ordered in place of animal meat on any menu item at no additional cost.

Beyond Meat is building a global plant-based protein category

Despite a rocky year in terms of stock prices, Beyond Meat is steadfast in its mission to make animal meat obsolete with new innovations, like its upcoming vegan steak. Brown founded Beyond Meat in 2009, and the brand has already revolutionized the plant-based beef, pork and chicken categories with its Beyond Burger analogue, Beyond Sausage and its new Beyond Chicken Tenders.

On the foodservice side of Beyond Meat’s business, the brand has many important partnerships under its belt. It worked with Yum! The brands will provide plant-based options to the fast food company’s properties, which in addition to Taco Bell include Pizza Hut and KFC.

VegNews.BeyondVeganOrangeChicken6.PandaExpressPanda Express

Panda Express worked with the vegan brand to develop a plant-based version of its popular Orange Chicken dish which it tested in several markets. Last month, Panda Express added the Beyond the Original Orange Chicken to its more than 2,300 locations nationwide for a limited time.

Beyond Meat is also growing the consumer goods side of its business. In 2021, the vegan company has partnered with PepsiCo in 2021 to create Planet Partnership, a venture that will result in new products that will leverage Pepsi’s extensive marketing and production networks while Pepsi can capitalize on the growth of the herbal industry.

VegNews.VeganJerky.BeyondMeatPepsiCoBeyond meat

In March, Beyond Meat and Pepsi launched the first product of this partnership: Beyond Jerky. This is the brand’s first foray into the snacking department. With its Beyond Jerky on store shelves nationwide, the brand is now exploring vegan sliced ​​steak as the next step in its journey to create a multi-billion dollar plant-based protein category that can truly disrupt the world. animal agriculture with more sustainable and cruelty-free products.

Ethan Brown is building a $40 billion vegan meat company

During the WSJ event, Brown was pressed on whether the plant-based meat “bubble” had burst or if the category was losing momentum. “The reasons for doing what we do and the reason the consumer engages with what we do grows stronger every day,” Brown said.

“There is the pandemic. There is the recession. There are gas prices. There’s all this noise out there, but what continues to grow stronger is the need to do what we’re doing,” he said. “We are improving every year and with good reason to do so in terms of climate, human health, global environment (land, energy and water) and animal welfare… all of these reasons continue to be present and increase by more and more. importance.”

VegNews.EthanBrownBeyondMeatBeyond meat

During the event, he explained that disruptions to major incumbents, such as the global meat industry, do not happen in a linear fashion and he expects to weather several downturns while keeping an eye on the mission as a whole.

“You’re going to have disruptions and you’re going to have distractions when you create a new category,” Brown said, explaining that similar trajectories occurred when technologies such as solar power or lithium-ion batteries emerged for the first time.

“You are going on a long run. You take a tray. You go for another long run and then all of a sudden it’s common,” Brown said. “This is what happens in [the plant-based] sector.”

Brown often refers to replacing landlines with cellphones as a way to contextualize what he sees happening in the food space, with new technologies (vegetable meat) replacing outdated models (animal agriculture).

“What I see is a growing global opportunity in a $1.4 trillion market,” Brown said, pointing to all the major partnerships – from McDonald’s to Pepsi – that Beyond Meat is currently involved in as an indicator of the magnitude of the expected disruptions. .

“All of these things are about building the next global protein business. And my vision for that is a $40 billion business, not a $4 billion business. So I don’t think in quarterly terms. I don’t think not in annual terms. I think that in a longer term perspective, we will get there. I am absolutely certain of that.

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