Bird Friendly Chocolate by Sharol Nelson-Embry –


Do you like chocolate and are also passionate about bird conservation? Join Sharol Nelson-Embry at this virtual event to learn more about bird-friendly chocolate harvesting practices such as agroforestry, wild harvesting and shade cultivation and how they connect with certain bird species. cool.

Buy bird-friendly chocolate and Sharol will donate 10% to SFBBO: Sharol has created special bird-themed chocolate tasting kits available on her online chocolate company website ( and will donate 10% of the sales of these kits to SFBBO!

This special edition Birdy Hour is part of SFBBO California Fall Challenge (CFC) 40th Anniversary Fundraiser. We hope that in addition to registering, you will give generously for the birds and help us continue to conserve them for many decades to come.

Sharol is a retired East Bay Regional Park District Supervisor Naturalist. She launched her company Chocolate Online ( after his retirement and specializes in making chocolate tasting kits. His favorites are the “bird-friendly” chocolate bars where the cocoa is grown in a sustainable agroforestry environment, or better yet, harvested in the wild.

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