Bradley Cooper has impeccable timing (and a taste for watches)


Somehow, Bradley Cooper pivoted into a blue-eyed hunk in 2009 The hangover to a respected, Oscar-nominated force in front of and behind the camera. Along the same lines, Louis Vuitton has upped its watch game over the past decade, and particularly last year when the French luxury fashion house won a few awards for a few. of its Tambour models. Much like Cooper’s performance in 2013 in Silver Lining Playbooks was unexpected, LV won these awards under the noses of established Swiss watchmakers, giving the Hollywood and watchmaking elites respectively no choice but to take notice.

And they did. Indeed, at the prestigious 2021 GPHG awards – the watch equivalent to the Oscars, Louis Vuitton’s new take on a diver’s watch (the brazenly contradictory name Tambour Street Diver won the Diver’s Watch category) was a game-changer. When the maximalist and rather unbalanced design of the rose gold Tambour Carpe Diem jumping hour – with an LV-branded skull as its centerpiece and a deeper meaning in its intricate face – won the coveted Audacity award, it was a turning point. major. And yes Bradley, we could well imagine that slipping off your tuxedo cuff at the Oscars.

Either way, unless your knowledge of the wrist stops at an ubiquitous Rolex, you can’t fail to notice Louis Vuitton’s growing credibility as a watch maker. His Swiss-based Fabrique du Temps embodies fine watchmaking through technological innovation and its own design language, so it seems natural to draw a parallel with Bradley Cooper’s lateral move from idol to director.

With those soothing vocals courting Lady Gaga still fresh in our minds, little would surprise us about her, and the same can be said for the reinvented Drum, which is becoming increasingly recognizable on the wrist.


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