Buyers Need a Trip to Home Bargains to Find a Retro Chocolate Bar


Home Bargains shoppers were eager to visit the store after discovering a new flavor of Turkish delight online.

Food page New Foods UK has built a loyal following on social media after consistently posting the latest snacks and food items spotted in supermarkets and stores across the country.

On Instagram, the gourmet account has more than 244,000 subscribers, with a recent post that caused a sensation.

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New Foods UK shared a photo of Fry’s Turkish Delight in a new limited edition cherry flavor.

Captioning the image, the page read, “Limited Edition Fry’s Turkish Delight Cherry Fry! These are now available at @homebargains”.

Fry’s Turkish Delight is made by chocolate giant Cadbury. It was launched in the UK in 1914 by Bristol chocolate maker JS Fry & Sons.

The sweet treat has proven to be a hit on the popular social media platform, racking up over 1,800 likes in less than 24 hours.

Buyers shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Matthew tagged a friend and said, “Have you seen them? “

Friend Toria replied, “omg yeah nath showed them to me earlier! They look so good.”

Kit said: “delicious.”

Kim tagged a friend and said “what is this !!”

Pal Kirsty replied, “Don’t! I tell Lee I’ve wanted one for days! I’m going home tonight! Heaven.”

Amy said, “one to try next.”

Shirley commented: “Oooooh my favorite.”

Carly added: “You have to go home to negotiate.”

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