Campco plans training on telescopic carbon fiber poles in areca plantations



The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative (Campco) Ltd is planning to provide training on the use of telescopic carbon fiber poles to farmers, mainly to help them carry out activities such as harvesting crops and spraying. fungicides. This follows the lack of adequate manpower to climb trees and carry out these activities.

On the reasons for planning such training for farmers, SN Khandige, vice president of Campco, said Activity area that there is a lack of manpower to carry out these activities and that the telescopic carbon fiber poles can help to carry out farming operations from the ground itself without climbing trees.

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The Campco training program

Campco plans to run a training program on the use of telescoping carbon fiber poles in plantations during the second week of January to prepare a pool of manpower to handle these poles.

He said Campco had run areca nut tree climbing training programs a few years ago as part of skills development in the sector. Those who have learned the skill then earn their living with that skill.

However, a majority of people still fear rock climbing as a profession. One of the reasons for this is the reported cases of people falling from a tree in the past. These people stay bedridden all their lives. He said that this and several other factors prevent young people from getting into rock climbing as a profession.

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Stating that Campco aims to fill the shortage of skilled manpower for these activities with the help of these carbon fiber telescopic poles, Khandige said that interested young people can make it a profession to carry out the activities of harvesting and spraying in cashew nut plantations.



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