Chocolate fans will descend on Chocstock this weekend


Hundreds of chocolate lovers will descend on Eva Street and Hannah’s Laneway this weekend to meet the best artisan chocolatiers at Chocstock, New Zealand’s premier artisan chocolate festival.

QT Cocktail

The original idea of WCF and Chocolate bar, the festival celebrates New Zealand’s local artisan chocolate industry, featuring manufacturers such as Baron Haselfhoff’s, Lucid Chocolatier, Ocho, Foundry Chocolate, Shirl & Moss, Raglan Chocolate and Flint Chocolate.

Melbourne-based artisanal chocolate maker Bird Snake is unable to attend the festival in person due to Covid-19 restrictions, but their chocolate will be available to taste and purchase. Eva Street and Hannah’s Laneway will also offer everything from a beer made with WCF cocoa nibs to a chocolate calzone and specially created desserts. QT will also be offering its limited-edition Chocstock cocktail over the weekend.

Matt Williams, chief executive of WCF, says he is relieved that the Festival can continue, following the lifting of the level 2 restrictions of Covid-19.

“The past week has been tense. Like all other Wellingtonians, we were hoping to avert a Covid-19 outbreak for the health and well-being of our city. So returning to level 1 is a relief on many levels, leave alone for all the hospitality companies that have been on a razor’s edge. Being able to move forward with Chocstock, celebrate our manufacturers and our Laneway neighbors is something we don’t take for granted, ”says Williams.

Saturday, July 3 is sold out, there are only a handful of tickets left for Sunday. The whiskey and chocolate pairing event is sold out and the beer and chocolate pairing event is about to be sold out. Large crowds are also expected at tonight’s VIP launch event.

Luke Owen Smith, Founder of The Chocolate Bar, is excited to see chocolate fans meet the makers and learn more about the craft of chocolate.

“Craft chocolate is like craft beer or fine wine. The makers are exploring the flavors of different cocoa beans, varieties and origins with their bars. Some of the best award winning bars will be on offer this weekend; it will be a true fan of chocolate paradise, ”says Luke Owen Smith.

The Chocstock 2021 event was made possible through funding from Wellington City Council and support from various partners. You can find out more here

About Wellington Chocolate Factory

Nestled in the heart of Eva Street (Wellington’s most sought-after food alley), Wellington Chocolate Factory has been lovingly making New Zealand’s finest chocolate in small batches since 2013.

The original New Zealand producer of organic chocolate from bean to bar delivers ‘true to the bean’ flavors, with nothing more than what matters, allowing the taste and true character of their beans to shine. Excellent organic New Zealand chocolate, sustainable and contributing to a better world – Wellington Chocolate Factory sources only the highest quality beans from ethical suppliers – supporting local farmers and ensuring fair trade; to create a better world, one grain at a time.

About the chocolate bar

The Chocolate Bar is New Zealand’s premier artisan chocolate retailer and subscription service. Chocolate lover Luke Owen Smith organizes monthly boxes of quality artisan chocolate, as well as a range of gift boxes and a huge selection of bars from around the world. Artisanal chocolatiers are popping up around the world as part of the growing bean-to-bar movement and each month Luke selects the best of the best to be delivered to your doorstep. All the chocolate you’ll find at The Chocolate Bar is made from the bean, using the highest quality and most ethically marketed cocoa in the world. Once you’re gone tinkering, you can’t go back!

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