Claudia Sandoval’s Number One Trick for Mole Control


According to Claudia Sandoval, the only key to doing mole is – there is no shortcut. “My biggest advice to anyone [reading]she says, “it’s that the mole is a labor of love.” You can’t rush the process.”

The other tip the “MasterChef: Latino” judge has is to make your mole a reflection of yourself. “[It] really what you want to do with it. It’s really your opportunity to create something that speaks to you, who you are and what you love,” Sandoval said. “There are over 300 types of moles, and they’re all different. So don’t try to limit yourself to “Oh, well, it’s not like the mole I tried in Puebla or Oaxaca or Guatemala,” or anywhere else.” For a “fruit-forward” option , opt for a recipe that celebrates bananas and mangoes, Sandoval said. For one that celebrates herbs, try a parsley-infused green variety.

“I think mole is a dance, and mole is a balance thing, and it’s really about finding your voice through your sauce,” Sandoval concluded. “And yes, it’s a labor of love and you have to be patient, but have faith.”

Follow Claudia Sandoval as she discovers how the food of border towns – from San Diego, California to South Padre Island, Texas – features a mix of flavors and cultures from the United States and Mexico as well as other unexpected influences. All episodes of “Taste of the Border” are now available on Discovery+.


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