Cocoa from Our Land Tico.


We have to native american cultures the art of cocoa harvesting and processing, a fruit that is the protagonist of today’s material. There are many stories around this fruit, but the most important thing that we can recognize today is its more than 22 varieties of species that exist. The history of Costa Rica has also been forged largely thanks to this fruit, once essential to the economy of this region.

Historical data of the harvest of this fruit

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Cocoa was cultivated in Central and South America thousands of years ago, for the Mayans and Aztecs cocoa was a gift from the gods, also in Costa Rica cocoa has always been one of the most cultivated plants even taking into account its medicinal properties.

In this way, it should be said that cocoa and corn are plants deeply rooted in the hearts of our people. Today, in different parts of the world, cocoa from this land is considered a high-quality fruit, it could be defined as fine and one of the most valuable crops in the world.

Cocoa farming is an art more alive than ever

Our meeting today will bring us to discuss with Oscar Castro Zuniga, cocoa farmer, who tells us that his interest in this fruit began at the beginning of his professional career when he had the opportunity to investigate cocoa cultivation in a little more depth. There, he discovered that the same process can take place ecologically, and the process of growing and harvesting became a unique aspect for him that he wanted to continue learning.

A culture during climate change

For Zúñiga, cocoa cultivation is very easy to regulate due to the system in which it is produced, which will promote climate change mitigation. Since we could speak of an adaptive process.

When approached about what is most difficult during the cocoa harvesting process, he emphatically replies that it is an integral process, it is not just having the cocoa, but to take care of this quality throughout the process, among which is the one that is fermented. and the drying aspects that will allow a successful harvest and a pleasant fruit to the palate.

Finally, he considers the current markets to be very different from the markets of the past, which makes the product that will reach the final consumer a quality product. This aspect is usually accompanied. But contrary to this, it is more difficult for the farmer to complete the cultivation process and at the same time meet these requirements for the development of small farms.

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