Community Corner: Notable Events in January


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Community Corner on January

Penguin dive

1st ofJanuary: Enjoy this New Year with taking a bath into the Susquehanna River. Join hundreds of HumaneSociety of Pennsylvania supporters to assist homeless animals at The Harrisburg PA Center for Animals. Celebrating the 25years event will begin around 10:10a.m. in Harrisburg in Island Beach and the actual dip is set to begin around noon.

Children Cocoa Club

1-15th of January: The perfect book in the New Public Library. The library’s collection is available at the library. Add hot chocolate into your beverage by adding “marshmallows” (winter the reading test, complete this challenge). It is important to keep track of your reading in order to earn the completion of badges and a reward. You can get the prize of hot chocolate in the library prior to the 31st of January.

Viewing Photos

1-31st of January: Browse more than 100 photos which have been submitted for contests such as that of Friends of Wild Wood Park yearly contest held at the Olewine NatureCenter, Harrisburg, during regular hours of operation. Vote for the most popular photos. They will announce the winners on the 16th of January beginning at 1p.m., People’s Choice winners will be announced at the conclusion of the contest.

Winter discovery

2-30th of January: Visit the Olewine Nature Center in Wildwood Park, Harrisburg, 10 a.m. until 4p.m. The exhibits will concentrate on wild animals that live in Wildwood during the winter months.This nature park will not be open on Mondays.

Classics Day

Between the 3rd and 8th of January: Gamut Theater will presents Classics Fest, one week of performances and plays which celebrate the diversity of classical music and classics , and is held in conjunction to the Shakespeare Theater Assoc. Internat’l Conference. You can enjoy shows at Gamut Theater.

Girls who program

4, 11, 26th of January: Hershey Public Library, runs Girls Who Code, a program designed for girls between the ages of 6 and 12 who will be using computers to enhance their community. They also are part of a group of friends, and act as role models to their colleagues.Girls develop the ability to work together, as well as self-confidence , communication and time management, as well as other things.

Pipes, Pizza & Pedals

8th day of January: Is a free three hour program will allow youngsters from grades 3-8, so they can learn about organs and play on a instruments of any kind at Lebanon Valley College. 9:15am check-in is at Chapel in Miller, Sheridan Ave.

Coffee & Birds

8th of January: Visit the Wildwood Park Nature Center in Harrisburg where you can unwind by enjoying tea hot chocolate coffee, an iced tea beginning at 10:15 a.m. until 11a.m. Come and join naturalists as well as Appalachian Audubon to identify and observe feeding birds in the present Project FeederWatch.

Chip HBG

8th of January: Stop by the HBG Flea for some local art and other treasures of previous times, as well as trinkets, and other items that are distinctive in Harrisburg. The event runs between 10a.m. until 4.30 p.m. It will be held in Strawberry Square.The goal of this HBG Flea is to offer the opportunity to develop community by bringing small-scale businesses as well as patrons, artists and artists all together.

Winter’s food

13th of January: Join the Wildwood Park naturalist for a stroll through Detweiler Park, Peters Mountain Rd., 2p.m. until 3p.m. This event will focus on winter foods and plants. Explore various common plants and recipes that you can prepare at home. It will cost is 5USD and the space is very restricted.

Peaceful poses

14th of January: Children aged 3 and above are invited to take part in the yoga class by Ann Fields, the Founder of Peaceful Poses Kids Yoga is located within the Fredricksen Library, Camp Hill, 10a.m. until 10:10a.m. for 45 minutes. Inspire your child to share their story through yoga postures while breathing deeply and other movements.

Nature Laboratory

14th of January: Learn about the amazing world of filmmaking and wildlife photography through an online nature lab operated through theMuseum of Pennsylvania from 12:15 to 12:45p.m. T. Graciano, an award-winning director, wildlife photographer at the Pennsylvania Game Commission are speaking about all of his experiences in filming wildlife in their natural habitats.

Martin’s mission

17th of January: Carlisle YWCA, is set to provide an entire day of entertainment for kids from Kindergarten to Grade5 to find out more details about M. Luther King, Jr. starting at 8:15 a.m. until three p.m. This program is scheduled to feature “Unleashed Potential” and The Trout Gallery as well as an chance for visitors to The Hope Station at Dickinson College. Breakfast light and lunch will be served.

Annual dinner

17th of January: The Council of Governments of Harrisburg, for its yearly dinner reorganization and Restructuring Meeting and the presentation to the P. Albert Award. The reception starts with a reception starting at 5.30p.m. before the dinner will begin at 6.30p.m.

Farm Show of 2022

8-15th of January: Attend the Farm Show which is the biggest indoor agricultural show across the country.It is held on the Expo Center and PA Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg. You can a cow’s milk, taste famed Farm milkshake, and learn about the latest methods and techniques employed in agriculture, and be a part in the latest events and events.

The Snow Festival

15th of January: Enjoy winter by going to SnowFest at Greenwood Furnace StatePark between 12p.m. until 4p.m. Participate in Ice Skating, Beach Bonfire, Snowshoe Practice, as well as the Ice Harvesting, Winter Camping, Animal Tracking, Polar Plunge and Fire Starts.

MLK Day of Service

17th of January:The 13th MLK Day, Central PA’s 13th Service’s Opening Ceremony will take place in the Hamilton Health Center, in Harrisburg.The theme this year’s ceremony will be “The Beloved Communities The Beloved Communities offering accessible health care and affordable housing to everyone”.Services are provided across Harrisburg. Harrisburg region.

Tale & Poetry

17th of January: Come join us for this year’s World Affairs Council in Harrisburg’s MLK International Storytelling and Poems Festival, from 6:30p.m. till 7:15p.m. on Zoom to discover poems from the young generation that to celebrate and further advance Dr. King’s vision.Students in high school as well as writers and writers are encouraged to submit short stories, poems or poems, as well as short stories until January 13.

3rd at Burg

21st of January: You will experience the most thrilling aspects of Harrisburg in the 21st day of January, at 3 p.m. in the Harrisburg. This is a monthly event for the arts and culture that allows you to explore and visit the restaurants and galleries as well as places for art within downtown as well as Midtown starting with 6p.m. until 9p.m.

Book sales

22nd of January: The New Cumberland Public Library, will be selling used books on the second and first Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 3.30p.m. at the Foundation House which is located next to the parking area of the library’s area. Find vintage and brand new jewellery DVDs, music CDs and DVDs of children’s literature in addition to records that are on vinyl.

Pipes, Pedals & Pizza

22nd of January: Free three-hour program will introduce students in grades 3 to 8 about how do the pipe organ works and will conclude with the opportunity to play different instruments at Messiah University in Grantham. The check-in starts at 9:15a.m. at the High Center.

Priorities to ensure preservation

24th of January: Historic Harrisburg Assoc. will host the very first virtual preview of its annual updates of properties and sites believed to be vital to the neighborhood. The event will take place between 6:30 to seven p.m.Visitors are invited to browse through the list of properties and locations and give suggestions and comments prior to the vote in February.

Legislators Forum

26th of January: Participate in The West Shore Chamber of Commerce and Harrisburg Regional Chamber to attend an 2022 Legislators Forum which will feature representatives from the State House of Representatives, Harrisburg, 8a.m. until 10a.m.The cost for the event is 70USD for non-members and 45USD for members.

Search for an Owls

29th of January: The families will be invited to visit Discover Owls Wildwood Park Harrisburg 10am until 11:30am for kids ages 4 to 6 and 1:30pm until 3pm for kids aged 7 to 10. Go learn to recognize the different kinds of owls and hear their distinctive cries. Learn to become a laboratory scientist and analyze owl’s poop to discover the food they consume.

The midnight sun is burning

29th of January: The Scottish Society will host their yearly Burns Night Supper, celebrating poetry and the life of the poet. The evening will feature an exquisite food, Burns’ bagpipe music, haggis procession, and the poetry, which includes live music and an chance to wear the Kilt. The social time begins at 5p.m. until 6p.m. and dinner will be followed.


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