Disney Dreamlight Valley ‘Nature and Nurture’ Walkthrough for Scar Quest


‘Nature and culture’ is a main story quest in Disney Valley of Dreams which presents The Lion King Scar to the valley, and continues the story of the Pillars.

Below we have a walk for ‘Nature and Nurture’ quest in Disney Valley of Dreamsincluding how to unlock the quest involving new character Scar, and how to get rich soil and do extra sparkling root beer.

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How to Unlock the “Nature and Nurture” Scar Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Scar and his “Nature and Nurture” questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must unlock access to the Sunlit Plateau area with 7,000 Dreamlight and complete “The Curse” quest by repairing the Pillars of Friendship, courage, confidence and power. We have a Walkthrough “With great power” to help you with the Orb of Power if you’re still working on it!

Once you’ve completed those previous pillar quests and unlocked the sunny plateau, head to the large elephant bones in the northeast area of ​​it to “investigate the giant skull”, and you’ll find that the entrance is now unlocked. Walk around and talk with Scar to begin his “Nature and Nurture” quest.

We also recommend using your pickaxe on the rock inside Scar’s Elephant Bone Cave, as it contains a special reward.

Vitalys Mines location for “Nature and Nurture” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step of the “Nature and Nurture” quest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley asks you to travel to a new area, the Vitalys Mines.

The Vitalys Mines are located in the northern part of the Sunny Plateau, above the bridge at the mouth of the river. Look for the waterfall to the right of the bridge, as the entrance to the mines is behind it.

Where to find what is blocking the river for the “Nature and Nurture” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you start, we recommend that you take some meals or food with you to the mines of Vitalys, as there are a lot of rocks to clear with your pickaxe to progress through the area. If you don’t feel like cooking, cocoa beans are actually a very good source of energy, and there are a few trees containing cocoa beans located in the sunny plateau.

Your objective inside the mines for Scar’s “Nature and Nurture” quest is to find anything blocking the river. Explore the left side of the caves and use your pickaxe to clear all the rocks and get rid of all the night thorns to clear your way until you come to the right side of the cave with a small ramp on the right – side.

Check the panel next to the red barrel at the top of this ramp to see what you need to do next.

Where to find the mining camp for the “Nature and Nurture” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you are done reading this post on how to unblock the river, head down the ramp and take a right to find the mining camp straight ahead. The chest you need to search is the green chest at the entrance to the camp.

You’ll know you’re in the right area if you can see the Vitalys Mines entrance in front of you, behind a large rock.

We’ve already opened ours, but the chest will be there.

Open the chest, collect its contents, then go to your inventory and learn the root beer recipe. When you’re done, smash that rock at the back of the mining camp with your pickaxe and exit Vitalys Mines to tell Merlin what you found.

Merlin is usually near his house, but if he’s not there or in Remy’s restaurant, pull up your map and look for his picture.

How to make extra bubbly root beer for the “Nature and Nurture” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

We have a complete guide to how to make extra bubbly root beerbut usually the most important part of this step is to use dried ginger you have in Vitalys Mines, not ordinary ginger.

Here is exactly how to make extra bubbly root beer:

  • 1 dried ginger
  • 1 sugar cane
  • 1 Vanilla

When you have managed to prepare the extra sparkling variety of root beer, bring it back to Vitalys Mines and put it in the red barrel with the fizzy candies that you have recovered from the chest of the mining camp. Disney-style, the large nocturnal thorns will disappear and the water level will rise.

You can exit the mines to continue the quest, but we recommend walking over the new bridge at the edge of the mining camp and opening the chest for a furniture pouch first.

Leave the mines and follow the purple figure into the dark portal near the elephant bones, then pick up the item dropped by The Forgotten and exit through the same portal to return to the valley and show Merlin what you’ve found.

How to Make the Miracle Growth Elixir for the “Nature and Nurture” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the Miracle Growth Elixir, you will need:

  • 10 Vitalys crystals
  • 10 rich soil
  • 1,000 Dreamlights

Vitalys crystals are found by mining the new blue-glow black rocks in the Vitalys Mines. They’re found all over the mine, but if you want to get 10 Vitalys Crystals ASAP, bring a friend with a mining lair bonus for the chance to find double crystals every time you break one of these blue rocks brilliant.

We have a full page on rich soilbut in summary, you get random rich soil when harvesting crops. Grab a friend with the gardening bonus, plant and grow some wheat (it only takes a minute to grow), and you should get 10 rich soil in about 20-30 minutes, depending on how lucky you are with the drops .

If you don’t have 1000 Dream Light, you can get more by completing quests for other villagers or doing “Dreamlight Duties”. Check the tasks you currently have in the main menu and complete the simpler ones, like cooking easily receiptsand you will soon have 1,000 Dreamlight.

Once you have all the materials, take them to a workbench, click on “Potion and Enchantment” and select the Miracle Growth Elixir to craft it.

Select the elixir from your inventory and use it to upgrade your watering can, then talk to Merlin again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in early access, and we have pages to help you make the most of your time in the village, including how to upgrade your home and get more storage, Remy’s Cookbook Locationsa ‘With great power‘ and nature and culture procedure, how to get rich soil, clay and seaweedhow to do extra sparkling root beer for new character Scar’s quest, and a complete recipe listincluding how to Ratatouille, bouillabaisseand raw vegetables.

How to plant the Nourish Orb at the Pillar for the “Nature and Nourish” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Pillar of Education is located in the southern area of ​​the sunny plateau, to the left of the bridge, and is easily recognized by the purple smoke rising from it.

Right in front of the purple orb in the middle of the pillar is a planting spot in the ground. Go just above and press the same button as planting a crop, but select the gray orb instead.

Water the orb with your watering can and then…wait for something to happen. You might want to work on unlocking these new Star Path rewards, as the quest description implies it will take a few days. Remember to water it as you would for a normal crop!

If you need more help in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have pages on upcoming characters, how to improve your home, how to make ratatouilleand how to get seaweed.


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