Dr Pepper’s new chocolate soda triggers mixed reactions on Facebook



With the release of the somewhat unusual new flavor, it’s no surprise that Dr. Pepper’s supporters (and naysayers) have taken to social media to voice their opinions on this unique combination. User Dayna Spurgeon seemed a little more optimistic than some of the naysayers on a recent Facebook post promoting the new drink. “I absolutely don’t like Dr Pepper, but indeed it sounds intriguing, I’m always up for some unique little twists,” they wrote. But Deb Bergman-Kuhfus tagged a friend and appeared to be on Team Excitement for the new Dr Pepper flavor, writing “we have to try!” (via Facebook).

Fortunately, Paste Magazine recently tested the taste of the new soda flavor so fans (and us too) can get a clearer idea of ​​what to expect when they grab all those limited-time cans. The review describes a strong chocolate smell on the first sniff, but not in a super artificial way as you might expect. The taste, however, is definitely as sweet as you can imagine. Even sweeter and syrupier than most carbonated drinks. The reviewer couldn’t help but imagine the fantastic Dr Pepper chocolate as part of a delicious vanilla ice cream dessert and … You can’t hit it until you’ve tried it, can you?



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