False fondant? Local woman files complaint saying covered pretzel brand is not the real deal


A fudge-savvy New York woman sues a fudge-coated pretzel maker, claiming it’s not the real deal.

Jessica Spurck, Dutchess County resident of Poughkeepsie, filed a 17-page class action lawsuit after examining the ingredients of Flipz’s white fudge-coated pretzels and found that the company that makes the popular snack, Demet’s Candy Company, has provided “false, deceptive and misleading information” on its packaging, the prosecution said.

The big issue here is not the taste of the snack, it is the description of the ingredients which shows that it cannot be fudge because it does not contain milk fat, which is usually found in butter. , which is found in every fudge recipe known to man. .

Without milk fat, the costume says, it is fraudulent to call the coating fondant.

The lawsuit points to a recipe for “Vassar Fudge,” which was developed in 1896 – the fudge is said to have originated in college – as evidence.

The ingredients for Vassar fudge call for “two cups of sugar, one cup of milk and a lump of butter half the size of an egg.”

Flipz does not contain butter, but instead of vegetable oil. Therefore, according to the lawsuit, the snack cannot legally be called fudge.

The lawsuit seeks damages and asks the company to change the name of the product.

Who knows, maybe Flipz will soon be called pretzels with a sweet chocolate coating.

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