Famous Nutritionist Pooja Makhijas Overnight Oats Has a Touch of Tiramisu



There are many associations that people make with the plant or vegan diet. Whenever you talk to someone about being vegan, they think you want to follow a diet that is all about salads. However, this misconception is far from the real truth. It is possible to combine health and taste even with a vegan diet. This video from acclaimed nutritionist Pooja Makhija is the perfect answer to all those people criticizing your healthy choices right now. She took to Instagram to share a video of an oatmeal night with a dash of tiramisu. “Who says being healthy or vegan has to be boring,” she captioned the article and we completely agree.

Watch Pooja Makhija’s video here:

In this video, Pooja Makhija demonstrated how to make a simple and tempting breakfast for the night. It’s perfect for people busy in the morning with work, calls to the office, or a workout. This cold, easy-to-prepare breakfast will soothe you and give you a smooth, energetic start to the day.

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Since this is a tiramisu, Pooja has followed the classic style of layering cookie and cream. For the cream, she used vegan-friendly materials like oats, chia seeds, dates for sweetness, and peanut butter powder for added flavor. Arrange this in your dessert bowl or even your coffee mug, place cookies dipped in coffee on top, then add the vegan cream layer, cookies and repeat until the bowl is full. Take it a step further and sprinkle cocoa powder on top, freeze and enjoy this delicious breakfast the next morning.

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We make sure this breakfast will give you just the boost you need for the day! It is always important to speak to a nutritionist and know what is right and wrong for your body in particular. There are many changes you can make to a recipe to meet them depending on your needs. No two bodies are the same, one may need more carbohydrates, the other may need more fat. It’s about following the right diet and a path that makes you healthier and happier.



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