Four Ways IL Taxpayers Can Get Their Refunds Faster


Does anyone else feel like they’ve done a little better waiting for things in the past two-plus years since the COVID pandemic began?

First, we waited for permission to leave our homes again. Then we waited for the arrival of the vaccines. Then we’ve been waiting for public life to reopen and store shelves to actually be stocked with the things we need…and now we’re all waiting for all the COVID mess to finally be in our rear view mirrors. I think you get what I mean, we might still hate waiting for things, but we’re getting more and more used to it.

Many things we have to expect in life can be out of our control, but receiving your 2021 tax refund on time doesn’t have to be one of them.

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Four tips for receiving a faster 2021 tax refund

In case you didn’t know, tax experts across the country have been warning us for some time now that 2021 tax refunds will be delayed partly due to the COVID pandemic, but more due to high volume. calls the IRS is processing right now.

I can’t promise that your 2021 tax refund won’t be delayed at the federal and/or state level, but I can tell you that there are things you can do when filing them that can help expedite the process. process.

Here are 4 tips for a faster tax refund;

  1. produce early – If you haven’t filed your 2021 taxes yet, do so as soon as possible. Experts say the best thing to do is file your taxes as soon as you receive the W2 from your employer.
  2. File your taxes online – If you’re a fan of paper filing, forget about this mess and eliminate USPS from the filing process altogether.
  3. Double and triple check for errors before submitting – I can tell you first hand that errors and missing information REALLY complicate the deposit and refund process. You also want to make sure you don’t lose or throw away documents you’ve recently received from the IRS in case you need them, especially documents regarding child tax credits.
  4. Choose the direct deposit option – Simply put, paper checks slow everything down.

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