Henderson’s Lions Club Arts and Crafts Festival returns October 3-4



Like so many tri-state organizations in 2020, the Henderson Lions Club has made the difficult decision to cancel its annual arts and crafts festival due to the COVID pandemic. But also like so many tri-state organizations, they decided to bring the event back for 2021.

The event has a long history in the Henderson community. It began in the 1970s as the Big Rivers Arts Festival before being taken over and renamed the Green River Areas Development District Arts Festival in the 1980s. It became the Henderson Lions Club Arts and Crafts Festival when it was held. resumed six years ago in 2015.

No matter who put it on or what they called it, the general concept has remained the same for almost 50 years. Provide space for local vendors to sell their handicrafts to the public.

Depending on the organization animals, wooden snowmen, stained glass, ironwork, handmade baskets, wooden intestines and flowers.

The two-day event will also feature a variety of dining options from local organizations including ‘fillets, chicken and dumplings, chicken and steak fajitas, gourmet grilled cheeses, fries, tacos, smoked brisket, pulled port, fudge, baked goods and lemonade and strawberry shakeups. “

As crazy as it sounds, Christmas is less than three months away, and I have no doubt that you could easily take care of a few people on your list at the Festival.

You will be charged a $ 5.00 parking fee at the entrance to Audubon Park. This money will go directly to the Henderson Lions Club which will use it to continue providing eye care and glasses for those who cannot afford it, eye tests for local schoolchildren, as well as scholarships for local high school students and students. grants to non-profit organizations.

Although they take place outdoors, COVID protocols will be in place and organizers are asking you to maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet when possible. When not, they ask you to wear a mask.

The Festival will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday (October 3 and 4, 2021).

[Source: Henderson Lions Club Press Release]

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