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If you’ve ever fancied a smoothie but didn’t have time to prep the ingredients, blend it endlessly to get the right consistency, then clean – do I have a secret for you. The BlendJet (now upgraded to BlendJet 2!) lets you bring smoothie refreshment wherever you go in a fraction of the time.

I tried this portable mixer for two weeks, and I must say that it exceeds the hype. “We don’t just make blenders, we make it convenient to have something delicious and nutritious, anytime, anywhere,” BlendJet co-founder and CEO Ryan Pamplin told PEOPLE. “Making a healthy smoothie or shake in your BlendJet is faster and easier than going to McDonald’s.” Or in my case, going to Smoothie King, which is a favorite pit stop when I don’t feel like making a smoothie from scratch.

Blendjet’s origins date back to 2017, when Pamplin suffered a traumatic medical injury and lost control over many aspects of his daily life. During this time, Pamplin became hyper-focused on his health and nutrition, and soon after reconnected with co-worker and friend John Zheng. The two entrepreneurs formed the brainchild that is now Blendjet, to make good nutrition more accessible.

“Our average customer uses their BlendJet every day, which is ten times more than traditional kitchen blenders,” says Pamplin. “The convenience, affordability and versatility of BlendJet 2 has made our portable blender a health-transforming device for our millions of customers.” And he hit every one of those marks. It’s compact, so you can pack it in a bag to take to the gym, for an afternoon at the park, or even to work. With charging capabilities, you can use it on the go up to 15 times before it needs a recharge, and the USB charging port is water resistant, so it’s very convenient to use and to carry. And it’s also versatile – you can mix milk, water or ice with the pre-made mixes to create different types of smoothies.

Experts are also singing the praises of this little blender. “I have one at home and I always take it with me whenever I travel or am on the go,” celebrity dietitian and nutritionist Ella Davar RD, CDN, CHC tells PEOPLE. “As a registered dietitian, I educate my clients on the importance of optimal nutrition for high energy levels, weight loss and better digestion. Blendjet smoothies are easy to make anywhere and are especially convenient for my busy customers.

After testing this blender for two weeks, I think it is definitely worth the investment, and for a limited time it’s even sold out. Read on for all my thoughts on this portable blender.


Buy it! BlendJet 2, $49.95 (original $99.95);

Mixer size: 9 x 3 inches | Jar size: 16oz/ 475ml | Colors: 30 | Battery: 4000mAh

Who it’s good for: This BlendJet is good for people who want smoothies that are quick, easy to carry, and portable.

For whom it is not good: Since the chamber is so compact, it’s not good for those who want a bigger smoothie with lots of ingredients.

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How we tested the BlendJet

Over the course of two weeks, I set out to test this blender with different types of raw ingredients and using the pre-blended smoothies that came with it. To get started, I had to charge the BlendJet, which took about 30 minutes. There’s a light surrounding the blend button when you charge it, and it flickers between purple and blue lighting, turning completely blue once it’s charged. Then I washed it a bit (mixing a small amount of soap and water and stirring) before using it.

The general recipe when using any of the smoothie packets is to mix it with water, milk or ice with water if desired. I alternated between using this recipe with some of the smoothie packets and making a few freehand smoothies with fresh raw ingredients and protein powder. To make the smoothie, you lock the blender in place (line up the arrows), then press the swirl button in the middle of the BlendJet. It swirls quietly and blends for 20 seconds so you don’t have to time it or hold down a button like other blenders. You can drink straight from the blender chamber for maximum convenience. After I finished each tasty smoothie, I washed the blender using the same method I used before using it. We love a self-cleaning device! To test its portability, I just put it in a tote bag and carried it around to see how the weight felt.

madison yauger

The results

The BlendJet promises to deliver fast, efficient, clump-free smoothies that look (and if you use the packets) to taste good. I found that to be mostly true. Some ingredients worked better than others. For example, the banana blueberry smoothie (mixed with water and ice) was still quite thick after mixing, so it would probably be better suited in an acai bowl rather than drinking it. But other varieties like Raspberry Dragon Fruit (which I mixed with milk) produced an ideal smoothie consistency. I also tried several smoothies with homemade ingredients such as strawberries, blueberries, milk, and protein powder, and they were quite tasty.

In terms of functionality, the BlendJet was amazing. It’s super light to carry, refills in record time, and mixes so efficiently you’ll wonder why you don’t have one. I love making smoothies, but the time spent preparing the ingredients, the noise of the blender, and the cleanup process usually put me off, so the BlendJet was a game changer. I am obsessed.


What to consider when using the BlendJet


When it comes to her BlendJet, Davar says she likes to “blend together frozen berries, nut butter, protein powder, and fiber,” but there are tons of ingredients you can use to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie. She says her “favorite smoothie ingredients to recommend to her customers” are vegetables, berries and fruits, healthy fats and superfoods.

For example, “a handful of spinach, Swiss chard, kale, beets, avocado, or celery.” If you want to go the sweeter route, “a handful of cranberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, bananas, pomegranate seeds, etc.” are all scrumptious additions to a smoothie. Healthy fats can be nuts, seeds, and nut butters to add some texture to your drink. And if you really want to kick things up a notch, you can sprinkle on superfoods like turmeric, ginger, matcha, acai, or even cocoa powder, she says.

“My other favorite smoothie ingredient that I recommend to all of my customers is fiber,” says Davar. “Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood and helps you stay full longer, making your smoothie more filling. Plus, fiber helps optimize digestive health by providing much-needed bulk that ‘massages your gut’ from the inside out, helps keep your bowel movements regular and manages cholesterol levels My favorite sources of fiber are also high in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals,” she adds.

Battery life

One of the most essential parts of a portable blender is its ability to stay charged while you’re on the go. This model has a 4000 mAh battery that lasts up to 15 mixes before needing to be recharged, and recharges quickly when needed. The water-resistant USB port guarantees a longer lifespan so it won’t be accidentally damaged when washing, and the 5V electric motor is super powerful and spins 275 times per second. For reference, the entire mixing cycle only lasts 20 seconds, so it works hard for all of them. The only thing it doesn’t contain is a plug (the charging cable is included), so you’ll have to purchase one separately. A standard Apple plug worked for mine.


For such a compact blender, the BlendJet has some great features that you should keep in mind. Being a blender, it’s not quiet, but compared to many others on the market, it’s extremely quiet. This means that even if you share a space with someone, you can make early morning smoothies and probably not wake them up (love it!). As mentioned, it’s water resistant, which means you can submerge the whole thing in water (although we don’t recommend that) and it will continue to function normally. There’s a lock mode to make sure it doesn’t start to mix up when you’re carrying it around, and the container doubles as a drinking mechanism. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Simply add soap and water to the main chamber and mix. Then rinse.

Other Blenders to Consider

While this compact blender is the perfect companion to take your nutrition with you, you can consider others if your needs vary. For instance, The NutriBullet The blender is a comparable option that works in the same price range. Plus, it has a supercharged motor to blend many types of ingredients and lots of ice, but it doesn’t travel. A more portable option is The Swiitol Personal Blenderwhich prepares the smoothie at home, but using a portable chamber so you can easily take the smoothie with you once you have prepared it.

Here are some other examples:

Is the BlendJet worth it?

Considering factors such as price, features, battery life, and ease of use, I think the BlendJet is definitely worth it. It can be hard to always keep nutrition in mind, and this product has made it easier for me to prioritize over the past two weeks.

“Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get a big nutrient boost for a small amount of food,” says Davar. “Blending the ingredients helps leverage the whole fruit or berry for maximum benefits. In addition, the mixture makes most foods easier to digest and allows the consumption of superfoods. Many ingredients like collagen powder, medicinal mushrooms, spirulina and chlorella come in powder form and are difficult to consume without mixing them with other ingredients.

And with the BlendJet, I didn’t have to think twice about balancing the right ingredients because most of the time I just used the pre-blended smoothie packets which were honestly very good. From start to finish, this mixer is easy to maintain with simple (and safe!) charging methods, an even mixing cycle you don’t have to time, and the ability to clean itself by mixing in a little soap and water, then rinsing. And you don’t even have to be home to enjoy the refreshment of one of these smoothies. All of this (plus free two-day shipping!) justifies the price and is well worth the investment.

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