Holland & Barret demystifies superfoods with these 7 best products


Do you know what a superfood is? If you don’t, then you are not alone. Research of Holland & Barret showed that one in five people do not know the benefits.

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals. They can come in different formats, such as fresh fruits and vegetables as well as seeds, oils and powders.

According to Holland & Barretalmost half of Britons would love to add superfoods to their meals if they knew more about them.

So, to help you get the most out of all the superfoods and their benefits, Holland & Barret has recommended some of the best blends and powders to get you started.

Holland & Barret Superfood Blends

Night (Sleep Latte) is a warming malt blend of magnesium-rich superfoods contributing to the reduction of fatigue and fatigue, normal functioning of the nervous system and normal psychological function.

Naturya Gut Feel Berry Flax Blend contains ground flax seeds, berries, acai and beetroot powders and organic crops. It helps support the normal functioning of the immune system and the normal functioning of digestive enzymes with high levels of Omega 3 calcium, fiber, an excellent source of copper and protein.

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Naturya Organic Spirulina Powder is a wonderful undersea food packed with vegan protein – Naturya Spirulina powder contains 66% protein – as well as fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and calcium. It really is a superfood!

Naturya organic wheatgrass powder is one of nature’s most prized plants. Organic Wheatgrass Powder will immediately get to work feeding your body with protein, fiber and iron. It is also rich in calcium, which helps maintain normal bones and teeth.

Aduna Baobab Superfruit Powder is a fiber-enriched superfood perfect for your favorite breakfasts and smoothies. Baobab is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world, with nutrients that support normal energy metabolism and immune system function.

Naturya Organic Maca Powder is a perfectly balanced blend of fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, normal cognitive function and the maintenance of normal bones.

Naturya Organic Cocoa Powder is a powder naturally rich in copper, magnesium, zinc and protein to nourish your body. Cocoa powder has a natural vegetable protein content and contributes to normal energy metabolism.

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And even better, all of these products are purchased at half price until May 31!

Alex Glover, senior nutritionist at Holland & Barrett, said: “We know superfoods can be confusing, with our new research finding that a fifth of people are unsure of their benefits. However, we also know there’s an appetite for more, as nearly half would incorporate superfood products into their meals if they included their fantastic health credentials. Superfoods cover a range of foods and beverages – both raw ingredients and products – that provide nutritional support.

“Holland & Barrett’s range of nutrient-dense superfoods is a quick and easy way to elevate any meal. With a variety of options – from powders and mixes to cereals and seeds – customers can address all kinds of wellness needs such as immunity, skin health, energy and psychological function. To better support customers on their journey, they can schedule online consultations with Holland & Barrett experts to learn which superfood products are perfect for their nutritional needs.

You can buy all of these superfoods and even more amazing health products from the Holland & Barret website here.


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