How people around the world drink hot chocolate


Cocoa and hot chocolate have a long history in Latin America. After all, this is the region he hails from (via Encyclopedia of World History). With that in mind, there’s a good reason not to hit the Colombian chocolate santafereño before trying it. Instead of serving their hot chocolate with marshmallows for that melt-in-your-mouth treat, Colombians opt for a salty piece of cheese for the desired effect.

Similar to French and Austrian hot chocolates, Colombian hot chocolate is made from melted blocks of chocolate, according to Atlas Obscura. This chocolate, however, is traditionally very sweet and flavored with both cloves and cinnamon. The chocolate is melted and whipped in such a way that it becomes extremely frothy, similar to the frothy chocolate drinking cups of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations (via Encyclopedia of World History).

Once made, a salty white cheese called queso campesino is poured into the cup, then hot chocolate is served, usually accompanied by cheese bread, according to Atlas Obscura. The corny side of the Colombian hot chocolate experience is rarely found elsewhere, but there’s good reasoning behind the method. After all, doesn’t salty cheese serve as a break from chocolate sweetness? Either way, for those with an open mind, maybe open your mouth to this South American delicacy.


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