I am a big advocate of balance in everything: Dolly Kumar of Cosmic Nutracos



DOLLY KUMAR, Founder and Director, Cosmic Nutracos, the parent company of FMCG Gaia and Skinella brands, talks about providing innovative solutions in skin care, natural food and nutritional supplement categories through their products

How did the idea for Cosmic Nutracos come about in 2007? What are the highlights of the brand’s journey so far, as well as the challenges you have encountered along the way?

Cosmic Nutracos Solutions started as an entrepreneurial company in the field of wellness and beauty, aiming to provide innovative solutions in research and development, innovative technologies, formulation development, packaging solutions and packaging. global supply. In 14 years, Cosmic Nutracos has established itself as one of the most prominent third party private label manufacturers serving many top Indian brands like Lakme, Ponds, Studio West, Faces, Believe, Sugar, Purplle etc.. What started with humble beginnings today is a company with a full-service 40,000 square foot GMP certified custom manufacturing facility in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India where we offer complete turnkey manufacturing solutions. and on short notice, using art equipment and streamlined processes to deliver exacting standards. Our facilities and processes have received ‘Halal’ certification, among other accreditations. In addition, the company has no debt without external / private financing. Our Gaia and Skinella brands were launched in 2009 and 2017 respectively. One of the biggest challenges the company faced was restricting travel through lockdown during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. From production and the supply chain to warehouse and inventory management, several issues arose at several levels. Even working from home had many limitations. But we acted immediately to turn these challenges into opportunities. We applied new SOPs as we began to reopen our factories and offices. We have also worked to strengthen our logistics and our supply chain.

What is the Gaia brand USP and what are your R&D investments for it?

One of the premier health and wellness brands in India, Gaia’s USP offers a full line of diet products and nutritional supplements. It has more than 80 products in its portfolio, in addition to four specialized lines under Gaia Plus, Gaia Lite, Gaia Sport and Gaia Organic., and is present in over 25,000 retail outlets, over 600 modern outlets, canteen service stores (CSDs) and central police canteen outlets (CPCs), as well as markets online such as Amazon and Flipkart. This year, Gaia launched their own e-commerce site, which has all the products including the latest millet muesli – diet, millet muesli – cranberries and chocolate, quinoa, sugar-free ragi cookies, protein cookies, and more. Internal R&D and products are produced in the health food and nutritional supplement manufacturing internal wing, Aar Gee Formulations.

How does Skinella differentiate itself in the vast universe of skincare products? Tell us about your joint venture with Ancorotti Cosmetics, Italy.

As a cosmetic engineer, I have always dreamed of contributing something for the industry. I wanted to launch a brand that would not only be different, but also carry strong values ​​and a strong philosophy. Through research, we realized that very few skin care brands on the market are aimed at teenagers or make products specifically for their needs. In addition, there was no complete line of skin care products for the target group of 15-25 year old girls. We therefore launched Skinella in 2017, to respond to this TG. Skinella products are made with the power of superfoods and contain no harsh chemicals. They are certified cruelty-free by PETA and are vegan. Cosmic Nutracos has a joint venture with Ancorotti Cosmetics, Italy – one of the leading manufacturers of color cosmetics in the world. It gives access to many local and regional brands from the Indian subcontinent with international beauty innovations.

What future at Cosmic Nutracos? What are your short and long term goals?

There are many upcoming product launches for Gaia and Skinella this year. The immediate launches for Gaia are Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, Kahwa, etc., and for Skinella it is the Gold & Saffron Glow Face Kit. Our short term goal is to increase awareness of both brands by increasing ad spend, especially for Gaia. The long-term goal is to increase the market share of both brands.

Tell us about Dolly Kumar beyond the realm of work – what are you passionate about or what do you spend a lot of time on?

I’m a big advocate of “balance” in everything – whether it’s work-life balance or balance in our lifestyles and eating habits. I love spending time with my family and friends. I also love my personal space and I am passionate about meditation and yoga.

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