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Maybe you’re forced to sing “If You Like Cinco de Mayo” to the tune of “If You Like Pina Coladas” every time the season rolls around. I salute you.

This Taco Tuesday fan is ready for the hot stuff mentioned below from Mexico and other cultures.

Saint Mole – Mole is a personal favorite, and I think of all the traditional gathering and grinding of so many components every time I open a modern jar of the paste.

I have been using the same pot brands for years as they are easily accessible from the market. Now I have been exposed to something new that tastes very “old”, in the best sense of the word.

Hernan Mole Poblano is based in Del Rio and he comes from a proud line. The founder’s story includes fashion, commerce and flavor at hernanmexico.com. The succinct part of what I would like to convey is how easy it is to prepare what comes from these jars in your pan and turn it into a divine sauce for chicken or whatever is on your stovetop.

One version combines four kinds of chilies with raisins, sesame nuts and seeds, cocoa, plantains, and raw cane sugar. Another has a concentration of pumpkin seeds which is green from epazote and spinach with other earthy flavors. They made a favorite even better.

TWANG- You can slow things down or you can twang them. A whole new world of beer salt has opened up to me and I’m… intrigued. This is a big dill, because seasoning pickles with dill is all the rage. It’s just an option.

In addition to Michelada cocktail preparations available in several ranges, you can garnish your glasses and beer bottle necks with intense lime salts and unexpected flavors. Twang-A-Rita is one thing.

Paloma Love, Clamato, Safari Spice and other blends will be discussed at your next gathering. Mango Chili Twangers are intriguing toppings on fruit salads adorning fruit on the side of mocktails.

Rimming salts give it all that “extra” look and taste. I enjoyed lime salt on popcorn. Do you own Twang. Learn more at twang.com.

Black garlic – Just get hot for Cinco de Mayo, but you can accent other cultures. West African chili peppers go into the Hot N Saucy Black Garlic N Peri Peri Sauce.

I love that it pours into such a deep, dark color that you could artistically paint a corner of your plate with it for culinary decor. Maybe sweet potato and habanero are more your thing. It’s all my thing. @hotnsaucyco

Smoke + Honey – More warmth from other cultures: Rainier Foods is a family business in the shadow of Mount Rainier and they surprised me.

I never would have guessed that they love the heat as much as we do here in the south. When I heard about combos such as Smokey Honey, Blackberry Smoky Honey, Gochu with Roasted Garlic and Chilies and The Essentials, with Sea Salt, Garlic and Pepper, I thought they would be my husband’s passion for Sunday afternoon ribs.

As I was learning to cook new things on Korean Gochugaru peppers, my instinct was right: blackberry heat is my favorite of favorites. Here’s to the heat! Learn more about rainierfoods.com.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie ready for the upcoming Taco Tuesday. Share with her at [email protected].


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