Immunity Boosting Ladoo Recipe Video: Make Delicious Nut & Seed Ladoos in No Time



As we cover ourselves in layers of warm clothes, crawl into the blanket with a mug of hot chocolate wrapped around our hands, we do our best to protect ourselves from the cold environment around us. But doing that might not be enough. As winter approaches, our immunity and health may face a decline. During this time, most of us fall prey to the common cold, cough, and fever. And now, even as the fear of Omicron grips us, it has become essential to load ourselves again with healthy ingredients that boost immunity. While we all know that there are tons of kadhas, healthy recipes and so on, one of the things we need to add to our diet in winter is delicious ladoo!

Ladoos are super easy to make and versatile. You can add a combination of dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and even chocolate chunks, and a ladoo will be up and running in no time. Today we bring you a ladoo recipe that boosts the immunity of the culinary vlogger “Cooking With Reshu”. This recipe is simple and you won’t need any additional ingredients to prepare it. Plus, you can store these ladoos in an airtight container and enjoy them all winter long! So, without delay, let’s see how to make these ladoos that boost immunity.

Immunity Boosting Ladoo Recipe: Here’s How To Make Immunity Boosting Ladoo

First, take some flax seeds and roast them in a pan. Once they start to crackle, take them out and crush them. Now, in the same pan, add the white sesame seeds and roast them. Then add the peanuts and roast again. Then add the ghee to the pan and cook the gondh, almonds, makhana and grated coconut one by one. Once they are done, make a separate coarse mixture of these ingredients. Take a bowl and add all the ingredients to it.

Melt some jaggery in a saucepan, then add it to the ingredients in the bowl. Once the consistency is formed, make small ladoos and serve!

Watch the full recipe video here:

Prepare these delicious ladoos and let us know how you liked them.



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