Krishi Jagran interacted with India’s 10 most inspiring women farmers


India’s 10 most inspiring women farmers.

International Women’s Day : Women play a multidimensional role at every stage of agriculture – from sowing to planting, to drainage, irrigation, fertilizer, plant protection, harvesting, weeding and storage. They are an essential resource for agriculture and the rural economy. Their role may be silent in this male-dominated occupation, but without them the whole agricultural system would crumble.

Krishi Jagran recognizes their contribution and therefore we celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 i.e. 8and March 2022 with a series of live sessions that include women farmers, women entrepreneurs and gentlemen in industry who are proud feminists.

In this series, at 11 a.m., Krishi Jagran hosted a live session where we hosted 10 women farmers from different parts of India who shared their experiences and opinions on the topic “The Role of Women in Agriculture” . Shruti Joshi Nigam, Content Manager, Krishi Jagran was the moderator for this whole session.

You can find this interaction live at Krishi Jagran official FB page

To start this interaction, Yogita Khandebharad, a progressive farmer from Maharashtra who also runs Om Krishi Prakriya Udyog told us that she is in contact with over 700 women farmers through their production company. She started in 2009 on a very small scale with only Rs 2000. Slowly and gradually she learned branding and product marketing. It helped her scale the business!

Suman Sharma who resides in Balita village, Kota Rajasthan was another esteemed speaker. She is a college graduate and comes from a lower-middle-class farming family. She always wanted to find a better way to earn income to become self-sufficient and her dreams came true with the establishment of a small soybean processing unit in 2014. At the time of starting the soybean processing business. Suman Sharma started with Rs 2 lakhs, as capital investment. She used the roof of her house to convert it into a 20′ x 15′ room and set up the processing machinery and workspace there.

following Baskanya Jirati, a progressive farmer from Madhya Pradesh joined us and highlighted the multifaceted role women play in their lives. Not only do they take care of their family, but they also contribute significantly to their family fields. She further pointed out that women are recognized in many fields like science and sports, but in agriculture their contribution goes unnoticed. Therefore, more efforts should be made to motivate them in this particular area.

Swapna James, a progressive farmer from Kerala joined next. She is an indomitable hardworking woman who lives in Palakkad, Kerala. She owns a family field of 19 acres with half of the acreage cultivated in rubber and the rest of the acreage is reserved for coconut, areca nut, cocoa, nutmeg, coffee, jackfruit , etc

Nabanita Das, The next speaker is a daughter of the late Ananda Das from Jorhat district in Assam is an energetic and dynamic young progressive farmer. After passing her secondary school certificate exam, she trained as a nursing assistant. However, being a farmer’s daughter; she always wanted to be a “farmer” in her heart from the beginning.

After a few years, she chose agriculture as her profession, quitting nursing from a government hospital in Jorhat and started doing organic farming from the year 2010. She is now a progressive farmer established and proud owner of “Nabanita Organic Farm”.


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