LG launches QR code-based mechanism for certification and labeling of JK’s handmade carpets


SRINAGAR: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha today launched a QR code-based mechanism, which is the first of its kind in the country, for the certification and labeling of J&K’s handmade rugs.

With the QR based app, customers can check and verify the authenticity and other required details of carpets produced in Jammu Kashmir UT.

The Lieutenant Governor observed that J&K Handicrafts is the repository of India’s creative traditions which has served as a cultural expression for centuries. This creative tradition is remarkably visible in handmade rugs with intricate patterns and subtle hues.

With the help of modern technology, we will be able to standardize the uniqueness of handmade carpets and boost J&K’s carpet industry exports to the international market, he added.

On the occasion, the Lieutenant Governor also congratulated the UT honorees for craftsmanship and the loom.

“I really admire the meticulous work of all the artisans and rug weavers. The government provides training and financial support to strengthen the invaluable artistic and cultural heritage of J&K UT,” he said.

The Lieutenant Governor said J&K has a unique identity in the global market for loom and craft products. He noted that the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology has taken several important steps for certification, testing, labeling and GI training to promote Kashmiri carpets.

“The government of Jammu and Kashmir has introduced an export incentive scheme. Under this scheme, an incentive of 10% of the total volume of GI certified handicrafts and looms exported to any country, with a maximum reimbursement of up to Rs. Five crores will be provided to registered eligible exporters with the Department of Handicrafts and Handlooms,” he added.

The Department of Handicrafts and Hand Weaving and Indian Institute of Carpet Technology (IICT), Srinagar will launch a massive awareness and promotion campaign inside and outside UT to popularize the GI of hand-knotted rugs so that its application will gain popularity across the world, Lt said Governor.

He was informed that a project has also been completed in association with NIFT Srinagar on innovative and economical packaging of handicrafts.

The Lieutenant Governor further observed that currently carpets are exported from Jammu and Kashmir to at least 25 countries. In 2020-21, carpets worth Rs 115 crore were exported to Germany, Rs 34 crore worth to the United States, Rs 36 Crore to the United Arab Emirates and Rs 22 crore to the Netherlands .

Earlier, Ranjan Prakash Thakur, Principal Secretary of J&K’s Department of Government, Industries and Commerce, briefed the chairman on the key features of the QR code-based GI app.

Sh Mahmood Ahmad Shah, Director of Handicrafts & Handloom Kashmir gave a PowerPoint presentation on the background and current scenario of the handmade carpet industry in Jammu Kashmir, and the latest initiatives taken by UT administration for the promote.

Anoo Malhotra, Director, Industries and Commerce, Jammu; Zubair Ahmad, Director, IICT Srinagar; Dr. Javid Ahmad Wani, Director, NIFT Srinagar; Dr Vikas Gupta, Director, Handicrafts and Loom, Jammu; Sh Sheikh Ashiq, President, KCCI; Firdous Ahmad Bhat, President and Maharaj Krishan Bhat, Vice President, Kashmir Carpet Cluster Development Organization, along with other officers and laureates were present for the occasion.


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