LivBar Organic Superfood Bar Review

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REVIEW – LivBars are made with real seeds, grains, fruits and flavors, few of which exceed 3 syllables. “Himalayas” is not an actual violation. It’s the absence of chemicals and preservatives that I appreciate. Our body knows what to do with real food. I took a taste of the Crowd Pleaser 12 pack assortment from LivBars. There were no “bad” or “off” flavors among them! I’ll tell you what I discovered.

What is that

LivBars are natural snack bars made with whole food ingredients created by a practicing nutritionist.

What’s in the box

The ‘Crowd Pleaser Pack’ contains all 5 flavors of LivBar. There are 2 Lemongrass Cherry Matcha, 2 Coffee Maple Cacao, 2 Ginger Lemon Turmeric, 3 Raspberry Maca and 3 Blueberry Vanilla.


What better than each package’s contents panel to show you what’s inside?

Macha Cherry Lemongrass

Coffee Maple Cocoa

Ginger Lemongrass Turmeric

Raspberry Maca

Blueberry Vanilla


LivBars are made with natural and organic seeds, grains, fruits, spices and flavors. There are no chemical shenanigans for the palate here, just food. All bars look the same except some are lighter and some are darker. All are approximately 3″ squares and are approximately 5/16″ thick.


I will comment on each flavor individually. The following applied to each; These bars are gently flavored, not knocking your socks off ‘WOW! It tastes like a real blueberry! kind of aroma. They’re also only slightly sweet, which I appreciate as someone who notices how much sugar and salt creep into everything we buy.

Considering the natural ingredients in the seeds, I don’t know how the calories can top out at 220, but they are some of the healthiest calories I’ve consumed while sampling LivBars.

My main test question to family samplers was ‘Would you get this flavor again?’.

Some will wonder, so I will say this; None of the flavors were “burpy”. They kept reminding me that I had this bar for the next few hours. Some fake flavors do this, and I doubt people are looking for this feature. LivBars do their taste but don’t hang around when you’re done.

Here’s what I discovered with each flavor I tried.

Ginger Lemongrass Turmeric
I liked this one. It had a spiciness that I attribute to ginger. I gave some of my sea bass to 7 members of my family and I was the only one to get it back. Most smelled a curry flavor, but that must have been a trick on the palate played by the ginger and turmeric. I love ginger and turmeric in soups etc as do the 4 adults in the gang of 7 who have tried this bar. But the kids gave this one a ‘no’ and the adults asked, ‘what else do you have there?…I’ll gladly eat the other one myself. Thanks fam!

Coffee Maple Cocoa
Coffee and maple presented themselves to me as the first flavors. The cocoa seems to be “in there” with the taste of the coffee. I would take this one again and it’s my favorite. It’s also the darkest LivBar. I wish I had more of this one.

Blueberry Vanilla
The hint of blueberry was there but I’m not sure about the vanilla. Vanilla is easy to imagine or perhaps to overlook? I would take this one back in an assortment box but maybe not an individual box.

Macha Cherry Lemongrass
I surprised myself with this one. I’m not usually a fan of tart desserts or snacks, but I liked this bar enough to pick it up. I noticed the lemongrass acidity and cherry notes, but I wouldn’t recognize Masha if she walked into an empty room.

Raspberry Maca
I liked this one but my wife didn’t like it so much. This was surprising as she loves raspberries and the raspberry flavor was on point and natural in my opinion. As with all the other flavors, it was lightly but noticeably flavored and the flavor lingered throughout the bar.

What I like

  • Ingredients you can pronounce
  • Food Ingredients vs Processed Chemicals and Mysteries
  • Good fiber content but not a crazy amount
  • Subtle real flavors vs artificial flavors

What I would change

  • Maybe stepping up the flavors of the Coffee Maple Cacao bar – maybe just because I love all those flavors.

Final Thoughts

The biggest test with any review we do here is “would I buy this?”. At $2.75 per bar with real food and non-chemical ingredients, you may decide the price is in line with the value LivBars offers. Some members of my family do not choose any brand of bars with “texture”. I guess they are more “cookie people”?

LivBars are made of seeds and grains for goodness sake. Wanted double meaning.

Price: $33 (box of 12 crowd pleasers)
Or buy: Amazon, LivBar, where shop locator on the LivBar website.
Source: The sample for this review was provided by LivBar.


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