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Yes, even though the show ended three weeks ago (at least for now), I still can’t seem to Loki out of my mind. Even though this is my favorite from Marvel’s original Disney + series so far for many reasons, my feelings about the series are still evolving.

There are so many diapers to unwrap by the release of Season 2 that I feel a little guilty that the one I’m most concerned about lately is one that I think has already been dissected at dead. , this being of course the relationship between Loki and Sylvie. However, the talk online about the topic has largely seemed to revolve around what this all means for Loki as a character, while I feel like I’ve probably exhausted that take on things in my mind. at the end of the last episode and I found a lot of my own post-season thoughts on the matter focused on Sylvie’s side.

Just a few weeks ago, I would have considered myself an “anti Sylki”. In fact, I could have been labeled as such even before the show started. Reading between the lines of a preseason press, I got the impression that they were hinting at a romance between Loki and a variant of himself and I was pretty horrified at the idea. When it started to unfold on screen, I started dreading seeing the two characters sharing scenes together, and yes, I covered my eyes when they kissed in the finale after getting ready. several times while watching the previous episodes.

But after the series ended and I was thinking about everything I had seen, my thoughts about the relationship started to soften. It certainly helped the creators come out and say it was meant to be a metaphor for Loki learning to love qualities of himself that he previously hated (as opposed to an example of Loki proving he would never be able to love himself and no one else).

I would have liked this to have been directly explored a little more in the series, but I had always hoped that if they opted for this weird romantic plot, it would be more than the absurd humor of two variations of the same being falling in love. , so even just confirming those intentions allowed me to relax a bit more about the relationship (as did the insistence that it was not incestuous, although I still wait for more. clarification on this subject).

I also started to reconsider the Loki / Sylvie couple from the latter’s point of view, which also helped me appreciate her more. Loki may have been an outcast in her pre-TVA life, but Sylvie was even more so, forced to grow up on her own in deadly apocalypses after literally having everyone taken away from her as a child. Because of this, she has never been able to learn how to develop a relationship – romantic or otherwise – with another person, and also has completely understandable trust issues that hinder her when the opportunity presents itself. Loki’s form.

Sylvie and Loki in the episode of the series 'Loki' 'Lamentis'

When an adult character in the media has no relationship experience, they are typically portrayed as a totally naive, emotionally stunted, and awkward person in almost every way. Basically, they are often the butt of the joke, and rarely, if ever, seen as “desirable” by others, especially if they are women.

But Sylvie’s characterization in Loki brings a fresh perspective to the issue; she’s the complete opposite of naive, and it’s actually her weariness of the world that stands between her and a healthy relationship with another person. And while she can be awkward when it comes to talking about her feelings, she is completely confident and capable when it comes to survival skills, and can certainly defend herself in a sword fight.

It’s frustrating that the stigma of not being experienced in the dating department as an adult is so prevalent in the media, even though it is with many people in the real world, myself included. Although I didn’t experience the loneliness and lack of interaction with others on the same level as Sylvie, I was sort of an outcast when I was a kid and therefore didn’t really learn. to socialize with others in a healthy way. until my teenage years and beyond. Like Sylvie (as seen in the episode 4 flashback of her when she was a kid at TVA), I have always been able to empathize with others and wanted to have stronger relationships and reach out to others. people, but my childhood experiences shaped me into someone for whom forming a close bond was a bit of a struggle.

Even now, as an adult, I still haven’t had a romantic relationship with anyone else. I know I have some life skills and am not as naive and innocent as I might seem at first glance, but I still fear that I will be seen as too “far behind” to be worth it when. ‘a potential relative will find out, even with someone with whom I develop a mutual connection.

This is another thing Loki her head turns, as it’s obvious that Sylvie is seen as attractive and desirable in Loki’s eyes, even after it becomes clear that she doesn’t have much experience forming close bonds with others. In episode 3, she hints that she never had a real romance by ending Loki’s sentence on the subject, and in episode 5, she confesses to him that “it’s all new” to her. speaking of friendship.

This never diminishes Loki’s love for her, and at the end of the series, when they fight over whether or not to kill Whoever Remains, Loki says he no longer cares about revenge or to govern and “just [wants her] be well.

I have to say that Loki said these words to me after calmly telling me to stop and gently grabbing my shoulders probably would have worked, but I understand why they weren’t enough for Sylvie to give up on her mission. In the previous episode, she nervously asked him if he could still betray her, and while he insists he never would, it takes more than a few affirmative words to bring someone who has experienced so much adversity in his life to let down his walls. .

Loki and Sylvie sit down and discuss Lamentis.

Of course, Loki is right in the end, at least about Sylvie killing The One Who Remains and removing the VAT not making her feel better. I think many of us have learned that revenge may seem like the answer to our problems, but it doesn’t really heal us from the pain we’ve been through.

Sylvie still has a lot to do and I can’t wait to see her story continue in Season 2. It looks like she can continue her arc while being apart from Loki, at least for a little while. While I can’t wait to see how their inevitable reunion will unfold, I think this separation will be a good thing because I realized that, like many others, I had largely watched it through the prism of ” Loki’s self-esteem love interest that I didn’t want to see him end up with “during the first season airing, rather than an important character in his own right (and also because I still don’t know where I stand. on the idea of ​​the two of them being a romantic couple).

Reviewing the episodes showed me just how great a character she really is and how important she is to this new era of Marvel Studios, I mean, she ended up being the character that started the long-awaited multiverse! That alone makes her an MCU icon, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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