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Purchasing products made in the tri-state supports the local economy and provides jobs for community members.

Meet some of the companies that manufacture their products locally:

Higley Industries

Open since 1923, Higley is a chemical manufacturer of household cleaners, hand soap/pumice, sanitizers, sanitizers and other products for home and commercial use.

Although the company has its local line of Higley products, most of what it manufactures ships under different labels.

One of the company’s key growth drivers is private and contract fill for major brands entering Walmart, Target and CVS.

“It’s important for the company to be local because we love tri-state, and making products locally and shipping them is crucial to the sustainability of any community,” said Lance Hummel, President and CEO. “We’ve found our niche in refilling the unusual items, such as catnip oil and ice melt, that aren’t as simple as glass cleaner in a spray bottle.”

The mission of Higley Industries is: “We strive to clean our world through quality products at affordable prices while supporting and partnering with our community. At Higley, we want to be known for our generosity and focus on supporting our community and those in need.

The company recently moved to new premises and was able to expand its filling and blending capabilities.

“Currently we are able to fill containers from ½ ounce to 330 gallons,” Hummel said.

The company sells products in spray bottles, gallon jugs, sachets, wall-mounted hand soap dispensers, wipes and other options. The company ships products to 50 states and Canada.

Hummel recommends tri-state residents to buy locally first and buy direct from Higley. The company also welcomes product ideas or if you sell a non-food liquid to contact Higley to see how they can help you get your product to consumers.

Simmons pet food

Simmons, a family-run pet food company based in Siloam Springs, Ark., opened its Dubuque location in July 2021.

The new facility will increase production capacity of 5.5-ounce and 22-ounce canned wet foods to 168 million units. A second production line to be added in April 2022 at the Dubuque plant will bring total capacity to approximately 408 million units.

The 70-year-old company and its subsidiaries are leading suppliers of poultry, pet and animal nutrition products.

“Dubuque is a very strategic location for Simmons Pet Food,” said Doug Aldridge, Senior Operations Manager. “This allows us to be geographically closer to our customers, and therefore to offer a better service to our loyal customers. The Dubuque area also has the right talent pool to attract the team members who will make this site a resounding success. I’m from Iowan and have worked here my entire career, our people make the difference.

Simmons Pet Food chose Dubuque because of its high-quality workforce, existing infrastructure to support operations, and a business-friendly economic development team.

Simmons managers also realized that the city of Dubuque had a vibrant community spirit ideal for their team members and families to live, work and play.

Verena Street Cafe

Cousins ​​Eric Gantz and Michael Gantz opened Verena Street Coffee in December 2010. The first bags of coffee hit local store shelves on January 6, 2011.

The coffee is roasted, blended, ground and packaged in Dubuque.

“We offer whole bean, ground, and single-serve coffee products in a variety of package sizes,” Gantz said. “Our coffee is sold in take-out packaging in grocery stores, club stores and online. Our coffee is also brewed and ready to use at many regional employers and food outlets, such as John Deere, Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh and other locations.

The Gantz cousins ​​aim to make the Verena Street brand a strong regional brand throughout the Midwest, and Dubuquers will be proud to make the brand their own.

“Our vision is to become the go-to coffee at work, home and on the go for anyone who is tired of bitter, boring coffee,” said Eric Gantz. “You deserve high quality, convenient and affordable coffee at home. Our unique blends are always freshly roasted to precise levels. Our light roasts are never too light (sour) and our dark roasts are never too dark (bitter).

Verena Street coffee beans are sourced from sustainable methods. Beans are cleverly blended from different origins to create a unique recipe for each coffee. This offers a complexity of flavor and aroma that cannot be replicated in any grain origin.

Betty Jane Candy

A member of the Dubuque community for over 80 years, Betty Jane Candies has plenty of chocolate choices to delight your sweet tooth. The Gremlin is their version of the “Turtle” crafting. Made with pecans and homemade caramel covered in Betty Jane’s special milk chocolate blend, the Gremlin is their signature and most popular piece.

Betty Jane Candies opened in 1938 and was recognized as the Best Culinary Gift in Iowa by People Magazine and one of America’s Best Chocolate Shops by Taste of Home.

Her candy has also been featured in Oscar gift bags, Grammy Award gift bags and on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

“Iowans have been and continue to be a big part of our success,” said company president Drew Siegert. “Dubuquers has supported our store for decades, and Hy-Vee of Iowa was the first to give our snack line a shot.”

Betty Jane chocolates and snacks are available from the Dubuque flagship store, which recently moved to John F. Kennedy Road, through the e-commerce store and more than 200 wholesale partners nationwide. Corporate gifts are also a big part of Betty Jane’s success.

“The JFK Road store opened in February, and it’s been a great addition for our customers,” said Siegert. “It will also allow us to increase production capacity at our Asbury Road site. We have a second chocolate line coming in the fall of 2022, which will more than double our production. »

Bay Global Inc.

Berry is a family business that produces plastic bottles with different types of plastic resin.

Three processes – extrusion, injection and stretch blow molding – are used in production.

The company also does bottle labeling for two clients.

Bottles are produced for many industries including food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, lawn fertilizer and spirits.

The company opened in Peosta, Iowa in August 1986 as Captive Plastics. Through an acquisition, the company became Berry Plastics in 2009.

“We have a large population of employees who have over 20 years of service and nine employees who are over 30,” said Vyron Nelson, Plant Manager.

The company has not had a layoff in over 20 years and is always looking for new people to join the Berry family to grow the business.

Berry Global is focused on sustainability and is committed to preventing the loss of plastic pellets, flakes and powder to the environment by effectively disposing of these products.

“Our location is centrally located, which is good for business because we have many clients in all three states,” Nelson said. “We appreciate the Midwestern work ethic, family values ​​and the support we have received from surrounding communities.”


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