Manish Malhotra celebrates his 55th birthday with unique cakes; Guess how many he cut



Birthdays in Bollywood are complicated business. Friends, family, glamor, music and exotic places are often a part of these special days. But all of this is incomplete without a few birthday cakes. Designer Ace Manish Malhotra turned 55 on December 5th and her birthday party had all the glitz and glamor it needed. The creator cut out three cakes and we couldn’t help but drool over them. The centerpiece cake was an appetizing chocolate treat that resembled the number “55”. The table also featured two other cakes. One was a chocolate delight with milk chocolate embellishments on top and on the side. The other was iced with white cream and decorated with berries.


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If these cakes have made you want, it’s time to bake something in your kitchen. Here are some delicious cake recipes that are good for birthdays as well as satiating your sweet tooth.

1. Chocolate cake

If you are a fan of chocolate desserts, a classic chocolate cake is what you are going to love. Doing it is easy and only requires a few ingredients. Flour, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, baking soda, sugar are some of the basic ingredients you will need for this recipe.

2. Chocolate chip cake without eggs

Add more chocolate flavor with chocolate chips in this egg free cake recipe. You will need sunflower oil, milk, flour, cocoa powder as the main ingredients.

Try this delicious chocolate chip cake recipe

3. Date cake

I love the sweet and meaty taste of dates. Why not include it in your cake recipe? On a basis of flour, cocoa powder and sugar, add finely chopped dates. The mix of flavors will definitely make you want more.

4. Honey sponge cake

This awesome sponge cake is made with custard powder and honey. Softened butter helps add to its sponginess. The melon seeds and chocolate sauce drizzled on the cake make it more delicious.

5. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting

Bake a delicious cake with mashed bananas, nutmeg, butter and finely chopped walnuts. The recipe also uses buttermilk and cream cheese.

banana cake

Banana cake is one of the easiest cakes to make



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