Moo Free launches ‘Jub-moo-lee Bar’ to mark Queen’s major milestone


British vegan chocolate brand Free-from Moo Free, the free from, has entered the spirit of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations with a special commemorative series, reports Neill Barston.

The limited-edition line has been made with premium Hispaniola cocoa beans, with the ‘Jub-moo-lee Bar’ has a wrapper filled with wildflower seeds that customers can plant, providing an extra keepsake of the great occasion marking the seven decades of the monarch. The throne.

As the company noted, the festive treat, which is available on its website and at select retailers, is not just for people with food allergies or who follow a vegan lifestyle, but for everyone the world can benefit from it at this important stage.

Andrea Jessop, CEO of Moo Free, said: “Celebrations like the Platinum Jubilee can be a frustrating time if you suffer from allergies or follow a plant-based diet. We set out to change that frustration! Without compromising on taste or product quality, we sourced the highest quality cocoa to create our chocolate and crafted a delicious product that will bring excitement to anyone’s Jubilee.

“The Jub-moo-lee Bar is only available online, but as the free and vegan confectionery category continues to grow, shoppers will expect to see more of these types of offerings in-store. This represents a great opportunity for retailers, especially when it comes to chocolate. »

Plus, as the company added, its line of chocolates are free of dairy, gluten, soy, and expertly made from high-quality, ethical cocoa sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farmers.

The Jub-moo-lee bar is produced with organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic, from cocoa beans grown on Trinitario cocoa trees, grown and harvested under the refreshing shade of citrus, avocado and banana trees.

Moo Free is a leading non-chocolate chocolate brand in the UK and is growing 17% YoY in volume (Nielsen data, February 2022). Since its launch in 2010, Moo Free has won over 100 free and vegan awards. Its enormous popularity stems from its appeal to people with allergies or following a vegetarian or vegan diet. The product line is dairy, gluten and soy free and uses high quality ethical chocolate.

Significantly, the brand also saw online sales of its online store jump 45% compared to last year (internal sales data, January 2022). It has achieved distribution in a number of multiple grocers and is looking to expand its presence elsewhere. The basic range includes Everyday Choccy Bar (original “milk” and white), Mini Bars (“milk”, white, rabbit, strawberry, orange, mint and caramel) and the Choccy Rocks range (Moofreesas, Bunnycomb and Raisins).

The brand also recently introduced a collection of dairy-free chocolate covered candies to its core line with the launch of Choccy Rocks. The individual snacks are made up of Moofreesas, which are gluten-free malt balls, Bunnycomb, vegan honeycomb, and chocolate raisins.

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