Nestlé invites applications for an apprenticeship program


Apprentice manufacturer Jemima Pennock is in a six-month internship with the Aero team at the York plant.

A MAJOR employer in York invites applicants to apply for its apprenticeship program.

With National Apprenticeship Week underway, Nestlé is inviting applications for Level 3 Apprenticeships through Sunday 13 February.

The chocolate maker has invested in apprentices for more than six decades, particularly in manufacturing and engineering roles, and currently has 190 people across 27 different programs. Of these 68, there are existing employees who are upgrading.

There are currently 55 apprentices at the York site, between the York head office and the Haxby Road factory, with plans for a further 15 recruits to York in 2022.

Among these is Jemima Pennock who is in a six month internship with the Aero team based at the York factory.

The 23-year-old sports science graduate said an apprenticeship in manufacturing seemed like a good career path when the pandemic hit.

“I came into apprenticeship a bit later than some,” Jemima said. “I have a degree in sports science but when I graduated Covid hit and it seemed like an apprenticeship was a good direction to go.

“I’m really creative and really like hands-on learning, that’s why I chose making because I like to process and order. I started on the molding line with all the confectioners learning how to make the product.

“My course is two and a half years in Level 3 Manufacturing, and I’m tied to the University of Lincoln where we go three times a year for courses and lectures. It’s great to meet all the other manufacturing apprentices from Nestlé in the UK. »

Jemima said she was drawn to the course because she likes a challenge.

“Working for a big company like Nestlé is also a great way to develop. During my first few weeks, I was asked where I wanted to go with my career, and they really want to help create the best future for you. That’s great.”

She added, “If you’re really passionate about making, show your passion. The team is so nice and the work culture here is great, everyone is ready to help and give advice.

Ten years ago, the Nestlé Academy was launched – the virtual home for all young talent opportunities, bringing together Nestlé apprentices, graduates and internships.

Evey Bate, Head of Nestlé Academy UK and Ireland, said: “Nestlé has been investing in learning for nearly 60 years and we greatly appreciate the benefits of developing skills alongside integrating workplace behaviors. of work.

“We also want our workforce to reflect our customer base so that we can reflect changing tastes and trends with our products.

“Diversity of people brings new ideas, new energy and big ideas to Nestlé and this enthusiasm will drive the business forward as we move forward.

“Apprenticeship is a great path for people who prefer to learn by undertaking tasks and activities.

“Learning hard skills at the same time people learn essential life skills like being part of a team, how to communicate, spark creativity and how to solve problems are great career building blocks.”

Jemima Pennock is at the York factory as a manufacturing apprentice.

Applications are open for Level 3 apprenticeships at Nestlé until Sunday 13 February.

To find out more about the opportunities on offer and to apply, visit


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