New Polish restaurant opens in Lawrence, NJ



A new restaurant will soon open at the Lawrence Shopping Center.

The large sign on the front window of what was once the Mehek Indian Restaurant indicates that it will be Maximus Polish Cuisine Empire … a restaurant and banquet hall. It will be alongside the new Starbucks, Aspen Dental, National Pools & Spas and City Electric Supply.

That’s really all I know. I just saw the sign in passing. A Google search didn’t reveal much. Click here to see what I discovered. There does not seem to be any work in the building yet. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it opens.

The Lawrence Shopping Center has undergone a complete renovation and welcomes new tenants. It’s great to see this bustling mall again. Lidl, Auto Zone, Five Below, Dollar Tree, Platon’s Closet, Bury the Hatchet, Ax Throwing, Heavenly Hounds Dog Training, Café Du Pain Bakery and many more have joined the center. Island Sports Bar & Grill opened a few months ago, but has already closed permanently.

A Polish restaurant is a good choice for the Canton of Lawrence, as it has a large Polish population. I’m a bit Polish and so am my husband so can’t wait to try it.

The Lawrence Township community Facebook page was buzzing about the future addition to the town. Everyone seemed really excited to have something completely new in town.

Do you have a favorite Polish dish? Pierogi? Halouchki?

As soon as I have more information, I will pass it on.

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