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As Malaysia continues to develop into a plant-based hub, following neighboring countries Hong Kong and Singapore, DKSH Malaysia announces its intention to support Oatly Asia through its business expansion services. market.

DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods, a leading partner for FMCG companies looking to expand their business in Asia and beyond, announced an expanded partnership with Oatly Asia to expand the oat milk pioneer’s presence in Malaysia.

Malaysia is catching up in the vegetable game

While many herbal offerings in local supermarkets and restaurants are imported from Hong Kong or Singapore, the domestic herbal alternatives industry is beginning to grow significantly. In June 2022, Malaysian plant-based producer Phuture Foods announced a series of new partnerships with leading Asian brands to strengthen its market position and put Malaysia on the plant-based innovation map.

As plant-based products grow in popularity with Malaysian consumers, a growing number of local retailers are launching plant-based dairy alternatives in the domestic market. For example, local dairy manufacturer Farm Fresh Malaysia started introducing a line of plant-based milks in 2020, while healthy eating brand Etblisse launched its first line of plant-based milks called OYA in January 2022.

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DKSH has a proven track record of growing Oatly’s market share in other Asia-Pacific markets, next in line being the promising market of Malaysia. According to DKSH Malaysia, the distribution partner will provide comprehensive market expansion services for Oatly’s line of oat drinks, including the Barista, Deluxe, Enriched, Chocolate and Organic flavor line, across all channels. commercial as well as food services for the HORECA industry (hotels, restaurants and cafes).

Puneet Mishra, Head of National Management and Vice President, FMCG, DKSH Malaysia, said, “The Malaysian plant-based and vegan market is on an upward trajectory as people become more and more health conscious and healthy. the environment. This growing demand has sparked greater innovation in terms of menus, supplies and products in the market. We are honored and delighted to support Oatly in this meaningful mission to promote a sustainable lifestyle among Malaysians.


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