Obtain tree sap in Icarus


Open world survival games require you to find and craft a lot of things if you are to survive in them. And, even though it takes place in space, Icarus is no different in that regard. You will need to collect a lot of crafting materials and then use them to craft tools. One of the materials you will be crafting is tree sap. However, getting it isn’t as easy as it first appears, as you can’t really collect it like real tree sap in the real world – by harvesting it from trees. No, the process to acquire it is somewhat different, as we will show you in our Obtain tree sap in Icarus to guide.

How to get tree sap in Icarus

To start, you will need to be at least level 10 to craft tree sap. If you want to level up as quickly as possible in Icarus, we have a great guide on how to level up fast. You need to be at level 10 because that’s when you can unlock the Mortar and Pestle Crafting item in the tech tree. This is level 2 tech, and you create the Mortar and Pestle at the Crafting Station using x4 Silica Ore and x12 Stone. Once you have the mortar and pestle, lay it on the ground. Then interact with it to open the crafting menu.

To make a tree sap you will need 4 sticks. Fortunately, sticks are some of the most abundant resources in the entire game, and you should have no problem finding more than enough. Specifically, Icarus sticks are collected from small trees, and there are many of them, especially at the start of the game. Tree sap is very important, as it is an ingredient for creating epoxy. You can craft epoxy with x4 Crushed Bone, or x4 Tree Sap and x2 Sulfur.


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