Ok, be honest Ocean County, is it too early for Halloween?


So let’s have an open discussion on Halloween. For many, we’re now starting to see Halloween items popping up on Ocean County store shelves, but is it too soon?

I was out this weekend and when I walked into several stores I saw their Halloween items on sale a good two months before the holidays.

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I know Halloween is now a big party with millions of people participating in spooky festivities every year. According to Google “Participation in Halloween activities in the US 2015-2020. Halloween is a widely celebrated tradition in the United States, with approximately 70 percent of Americans planning to participate in Halloween celebrations in the years leading up to 2020.” It goes without saying that it is not surprising to see the Halloween decoration appear in stores more than two months in advance.

When it comes to decorating our home, April decorates with what she calls “pretty Halloween” and “fall” nothing too spooky and lots of “fall” color and decor. This weekend we saw some cute things and lots of “fall” colors in the stores … so now you have to be thinking if I don’t get my Halloween stuff soon will it be sold out long before the holidays even hit October 31? I have a feeling we’re going to start having pieces over the next few weeks.

Personally, I say “do you” if you love Halloween and want to start buying your decor and plan to put it in place sooner rather than later. As long as you don’t hurt anyone else, do whatever YOU want and enjoy 🙂 If you are working on your Halloween decor soon … be sure to take some pictures and send them to me. I would love to see and share your spooky fun 🙂

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