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WEST FARGO — Nautical Bowls, a health-conscious acai and superfood restaurant, will open Saturday, May 14 at 665 32nd Ave. E. in West Fargo.

The past few months since announcing the opening in January have been “super stressful” but also rewarding, local franchisee Kim Scott told the Forum. “I’ve never been so stressed in my life, but that’s okay,” she said. “It’s a lot at once, but it’s all good.”

All the pieces needed to start the business, from construction to stockpiling inventory to hiring employees, fell into place before Saturday. “Just seeing it all fall into place, there was excitement with it,” Scott said.

Scott, who franchises the Twin Cities-based brand with the help of her two daughters, said she’s had a “crash course” in what it takes to start a business. It also gives her the opportunity to set a positive example for her daughters.

“I see it as personal growth,” she said. “It’s all, yeah, stressful, but a lot of personal growth and just generally learning about a lot of different pieces. I was able to kind of help my girls. They got to see what it’s all like too, so it’s It was really fun to share this experience with them.

Nautical Bowls offers organically based selections packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

David Samson/The Forum

The Nautical Bowls menu

includes 10 signature bowls plus a personal build option. Bases include acai, mango, coconut, cocoa and chia pudding. Diners can also choose from toppings such as granola, hemp seeds, almonds, fruit, a variety of drizzles, and peanut butter cocoa protein crumbs.

Nautical Bowls was founded in 2018 and is based in the Twin Cities. Scott discovered the brand on the recommendation of a friend there, she told the Forum in January. Once she heard about franchise opportunities, she wanted to take a location home. The West Fargo store will be the first in North Dakota.

Inside, Nautical Bowls reflects on its eponymous theme. Scott called the design “fresh” and “bright”, which she hopes will make customers feel immediately welcome once inside.

Nautical Bowls in West Fargo sells superfood/acai bowls.

David Samson/The Forum

Come Saturday, Scott hopes to see the “ridiculous” kind of turnout some Twin Cities openings have seen. To sweeten the deal, the first 50 customers in line will receive a free bowl card. “We hope and expect an impressive turnout,” she remarked.

She is still working on staffing. So far, Scott has hired 10 employees and would like to have between 15 and 20, both for part-time and full-time positions. It is also looking for a general manager to help with day-to-day operations.

As a franchisee, Scott said she seeks to create a positive work environment for her employees. “My hope and dream for this company is to create a culture where people feel like they’re part of something and they can come and build a community with their friends and family,” she commented.

The new Nautical Bowls, the first in North Dakota, will open Saturday, May 14 at 665 32nd Ave. E. in West Fargo.

David Samson/The Forum

Nautical Bowls is the newest addition to a series of health-conscious food offerings opening in the metro area.

Nearby, former North Dakota State Bison wide receiver Cooper Wahlo opened a Mahana Fresh store in March. Mahana Fresh is a Florida-based chain offering healthy menu options.

Another fast-growing Twin Cities brand, Crisp & Green, opened in September 2021. Crisp & Green offers several salad and grain bowls.

Nautical Bowls has 74 locations open or underway nationwide. While many are in the Twin Cities area, others are located in Arizona, the Carolinas, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, South Dakota, and Texas.

Scott said she’s ready to finally share Nautical Bowls’ offerings with customers rather than just showing them pictures. “We’re ready to rock and roll,” she said.

WHAT: nautical bowls
OR: 665 32nd Ave East, West Fargo
CONTACT: 701-532-1076
HOURS: Opening at 11 a.m., Saturday May 14; regular hours 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week


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