Peapod Digital Labs Launches New System for Private Labels


CHICAGO, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Peapod Digital Labs will leverage a cloud-based platform from Trace One, an industry leader in consumer packaged goods (CPG) business solutions, for product specifications and packaging of private label products in all Ahold Delhaize USA companies. Beginning with a pilot launched in early March, the comprehensive online platform will be used to manage product formulation, labeling declarations and claims, quality and testing parameters, and packaging substrate data for promote regulatory compliance, meet corporate standards and meet consumer expectations.

“The Private Label team has worked hard to eliminate unwanted ingredients from its private label product portfolio to promote transparency and sustainable practices, and to reduce our plastic and packaging waste,” says Danielle Harper, Director of Product Excellence, Private Labels, Peapod Digital. Laboratories. “Partnering with Trace One is an important next step in ensuring that we meet consumer expectations regarding the visibility of a product’s ingredients, where it was made and whether sustainable and/or ethical practices were used. in production.”

The new application will also benefit suppliers by creating a single source of validated and approved private label portfolio data. With real-time online access, sellers will be able to easily report packaging and product information, providing accuracy for all Ahold Delhaize USA companies. The solution also ensures accurate labeling, helps identify opportunities for alignment, and increases the efficiency of reporting on improvements towards sustainability goals.

What does this new process mean?
Over the next few months, the Peapod Digital Labs Private Label team will work with the Trace One team to finalize the configuration of the new solution. Starting in June 2022, all suppliers of Peapod Digital Labs private label products will be required to use the new system.

About Peapod Digital Labs
Peapod Digital Labs is the digital and business engine of leading food retailer Ahold Delhaize USA. As an innovation lab for American brands, which include Food Lion, Giant Food, The GIANT Company, Hannaford and Stop & Shop, Peapod Digital Labs promotes digital and e-commerce innovation, technology and experience for meet the changing needs of each customer. Ahold Delhaize USA local brand, no matter when, where and how consumers choose to shop. Learn more at

About Trace One
Founded in 2001, Trace One is the world’s largest collaborative retail commerce platform for consumer packaged goods (CPG). Trace One offers a suite of integrated cloud solutions for creating and managing CPG products. We have created a global community of over 5,000 brand owners in over 100 countries. Our intelligent solutions enable them to collaborate and innovate on remarkable products worth more than $300 billion each year. We’ve been helping them create products consumers really want since 2001, through broader (and faster) thinking.

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